Dan the Mans review of the PAZZO line by Flavour Art

First let me say that the thread that @Mark_Turner made has gotten a little far a long and I want this to be seen. If y’all feel that they should be merged, then so be it.

Ok. I think the Pazzo line SUCKS!!!

Now that, that is out of the way.

I am a bit confused as to why this line is a “North American” line of flavors. Sorry Canada, you were lumped in with us. I am wondering how the conversation went… Lets send it to the Americans, there pallets aren’t as evolved as ours. They will think it’s wonderful. Well it isn’t. it is crap, and you can take it and something something where the sun don’t shine.

I am not even gonna waste my time telling y’all my impressions of each “flavor”. There are two that can be vaped, with a modicum of pleasure.

Joker and Jack. They are actually pretty decent and the first two I tried after a two week steep. Oh, and don’t believe these are SNV because they are not. I am not sure what a certain celebrity was thinking when he did his test, but since taste is subjective, I will let sleeping dogs lei, lay, lie repose, recline…

As Y’all can see, I am pretty perturbed about what I “perceive” as an insult.

I won these flavors from @ecigexpress which I got to say sucks, because I finally won something from them and it ends up being this crap. Anywho, I am gonna split this stuff up and give it away, so if your interested look for it in the Trade section

I feel like I need a disclaimer. so here it is.

I am a Dirty Raskal and a complete and total a$$ h0!3, these are merely my dirty opinions. Taste is very subjective. For instance, I actually like Jack and I am not a fan of strawberry vapes. I also like the joker. The one that is supposed to taste like red is yucky. The other two taste like sweaty sox. TO ME. IN MY OPINION. THE WORLD ACCORDING TO DANIEL


I think that is a pretty strong statement “The Pazzo line Sucks.” Mainly because I have had flavor concentrates that really are terrible.
I too was let down after the big build up for this FA Flavor line.
As I had said in the original Pazzo thread.
“ The Pazzo line is nice. But I definitely won’t jump on the Hype Train.” “Queen is the only Concentrate that stood out as unique +/or intriguing to me.” “I think for New to DIY Mixers the Pazzo line will be of more interest.” “Or someone that just wants a quick & simple mix that’s tasty.”


About an imaginary (paranoid much?) conversation where they spoke about Americans as having bad taste?

Personally I would be relieved that I won them instead of wasting money buying them instead.

I haven’t tried any of the flavors, and they may very well be mediocre at best, but your reaction seems a bit aggressive and extreme to me.


not imaginary, no. I have had many a conversation with folk from all over the world.

you are not me. I never would have “purchased” them in the first place.

Yes. you have not tried them and yes I would say extreme, but I am only just now getting aggressive.

I did that “aggressive” review on purpose. They built a lot of hype around this as you say mediocre line, they call the “North American” line. I am insulted. Maybe people will think twice about buying it.

I fixed it. now it is not so aggressive


Lol. You know I love ya…but maybe…

Did you you shake up the concentrates before you mix?
Did you wake up on the wrong side of the mixers bed?
Maybe your nic pg vg is alittle funky?
Where your bottles clean?
Did you mix think your left hand instead of your right?
We’re you doing the hokey pokey and get turned around?
Everything in ‘Murcia is great. I was thinking about getting a gallon of each and selling all my Italian flavors.

Now that’s out of the way. I guess taste is subjective. There may be some level of promise in these, but testing may be needed.


You know… I am pretty sure that, yes, I did wake up on the wrong side of the mixers bed. I have trouble sleeping. I can’t lie down and I wake up every 2 hours or so.

Yes. That for sure happened?

Maybe I should do a normal review and delete this one. I am pretty sure I won’t want to be explaining myself all day


thank you for your honest opinions, dont change this at all if you they suck then they suck in your opinion there is no reason to say otherwise


Well… I wouldn’t say otherwise. I would say the same, just a bit nicer :smiling_imp:


no need to do that either


I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I totally love @ecigexpress, The Folks over there are good peeps and they are geared toward customer service. Y’all are still my favorite.


Nope. Don’t. You are entitled to your opinion and it matters. I was just trying to lighten the thread up. Maybe a chicken dance is in order. :rooster:


I haven’t done a rant in a while. I am a bit rusty


I felt the same way when Real Flavors SC was introduced. Big disappointment. Yep the flavors I ordered sucked (in my opinion) and I was annoyed by getting sucked in from the hype. I don’t recall if I voiced my .02 or not, but I like that you have spoken what’s on your mind. And sometimes that has more value than any typical flavor review. :+1:


Maybe im wrong, but I read the review as a rant that wasn’t meant to be taken entirely serious, your written words were actually narrated in my head by the voice of Louis black lol so maybe that’s why I found it funny


Just read the first post (haven’t read any replies yet)… But I’ve gotta say: sometimes all you can do is vent, release, and move on man! :wink:

Sorry you didn’t come out a total winner (this time). But maybe it’s the start of a streak! :grinning:

On the plus side, you weren’t out any money to learn you don’t need them! And that’s worth heaps in my book!


@Fishaddict420 thank you. Some one that gets it. and thanks for laughing. means a lot.

@TorturedZen yes, I know exactly what you mean. I had the Same reaction. And thanks for the compliment

@Sprkslfly right on Bro. I don’t know… I think I will call it a total win. because I have a lot to give away now


I don’t think you should delete it. We all have our own opinions and thoughts, and there is value in all for any of us that research flavors for info. I believe in honesty and a lot of people seem intimidated by being honest if their opinion is not positive or the popular one.

If people are honest, then instead of all of us jumping on the train it puts the responsibility back on the manufacturers shoulder that they need to up their game. I wish more of us was honest, I value honesty more than you’ll ever know.

I didn’t realize you meant it as a humorous review, I will slink back to my corner again…no harm, no foul :slight_smile:


Not completely. More tongue and cheek. I meant it to be different. Just like me.

no harm, no foul :slightly_smiling_face:


A honest review i like it, if there was more of these type of reviews then maybe we would get better products, theres way too much coddling of suppliers here when they dont deserve it, if the product is poor then they deserve the criticism.