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Dang it all!




First I gotta say @TheTinMan I love poo-pourri, we use it at my house. I especially love the commercials

Secondly, @mrauber7 You can vape pure VG or VG mixed with PG. It’s not bad and it even has a bit of sweetness to it. No odor. I know a few people that can’t vape any kind of flavor and that is how they vape.



Just tell em… Hey sorry, but my $#!7 don’t stink. :partying_face:

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This might sound crazy, but can you wait for the 15 minute breaks and lunch breaks they are required to give employees to get your vape on? I believe they are required to give breaks every 2 hours.

Are you going into shakes, cold sweats and fits of withdrawal?



It doesn’t sound crazy at all, but open up a little further. There are some companies that don’t allow smoking or vaping or any tobacco product on campus. I have worked for some of these companies. I was still allowed breaks and lunch but I wasn’t allowed to go to my car and smoke.

Most colleges and hospitals are like this.

Take into consideration also that leaving your work station to walk to a location that allows you to vape/smoke may take longer than 15 minutes to get to and from.



Perfect! Thanks Dan the Man! Just what i was looking for!




I would add to that the fact of using a higher PG ratio in the mix will produce less cloud for stealth vaping. 70% PG 30% VG with no flavoring at a stronger nic level than you normally vape. Problem solved for at work stealth vaping.



Yup… now, I typically load up a 70PG/30VG @ 10mg/ml NET juice for the workplace… low clouds and a high nic kick for sporadic stealth hits. :smiling_imp:

And when vaping is totally impossible at work… my Snus portions keep me happy. :hugs:



Get a small spray bottle, fill it with a tablespoon (more if you prefer) of laundry conditioner/fabric conditioner, 1/4 tsp of baking soda and then fill the rest of the bottle with warm water. Shake and you’re ready to go.

Spray after vaping (dont spray your clothes or you end up with baking soda residue lol) and it will act like a room spray, the baking soda will eliminate the odor and the conditioner just adds nice pleasant mist :wink:

Or omit this and just fill a bottle with white vinegar and spray that, but not a lot of people love the smell of vinegar by itself, also probably harder to explain because why would a bathroom smell like vinegar? Lol

I vape in my office at work, i keep just some jars of baking soda around since it gets rid of it, my problem is more the vapor in general, im pg sensitive so cant vape 60/40 or 50/50 but if you’re not sensitive, giving that a chance might be a good solution as well, since the vapor wont stick around long enough and doesnt produce lots of cloud to begin with.

Hope you can find a solution or just vape outside during your breaks :wink:



Wifey bought some of that stuff. Didn’t work too well all I got was lemon pledge with poop undertones. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Sorry, all. My coffee hadn’t kicked in when i responded earlier. Carry on.






Excuse me OP, but as a liberal, I found your profanity to be a little offensive, can you tone it down? I’m trying to make this a better place so that my underage children can enjoy it too.




Welcome. If you decide to get a pod or a MTL set up you can always hold the vapor in for a few heartbeats and hardly if any vapor will come out.



Omg I vape in the bathroom at work toooo!!! Hahaha that’s awesome. I always worry it’ll smell like cucumber melon when I leave but I just act like it’s lotion. Lol :joy:



As upper management i strongly recommend that you only vape on scheduled breaks and specified locations!