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Dang it all!


Ok, so i kinda got caught vaping at work today. I have been vaping there for 5 years unscathed. Well, i was indirectly asked why the bathroom smelled like raspberries, and if i was hitting my vape in there… i guess besides just following the rules, can i get away with a mix with no flavor yo alleviate the smell. Never tried it and was wondering if anyone had any experience in it.



Why dont u use a pod for vaping in the work place



Yeah, sorry, I filled it up in there and dropped the bottle…



One would think that not having a bathroom smell like poop would be a good thing.



Just tell them you dropped and stepped on a piece of candy.



Put up a raspberry air freshener?



I’m not really knowledgeable about the pod system…I’ve heard of them, but how is cost and clouds? Can i get away with it? Honestly I’ve been asking for it. I’m using a limitless rtda:)



Grab something like the smok infinix its 15$ and it doesnt produce clouds



Damn it! Way better than the lie i told!



I was kinda caught in the bathroom once, there was a teacher who just said “oh, that smell!”
It was hard not to reply that I could make it much worse in a minute if he really wants.



The “rules” changed at my workplace as well, concerning vaping in the building. :smirk: It was considered “smoking”… (ill informed smucks).

At first just tried to use a tobacco mix that didn’t have too much of an odor; not too successful on that route. That was about the time I was leaning more towards NET (tobacco) juices. Surprisingly enough, when exhaled, you can’t smell NET vapor! It comes out neutral. Thus, just one of the reasons I’m a 100% NET user. It tastes and smells great going in the mouth and past the nose, but doesn’t stink up the air whatsoever. :hugs:

Guess you could do a PG/VG & nic mix, no flavor version juice? Kinda boring, but it won’t smell. :smirk:



How much are pods? How often? Available at my shop? How long do they last?



I buy on internet , pods seem to last awhile , the mixes are simple …nit sure about your local vape shop , but my local vape shop has them at double the price at most online stores



Can i use my regular juice or do i have to use nic salts?



Thats a great question … I use Nic salts at higher pcts for my Mother and GF bc theybquit smoking with salts at 35mg/ml and are now down to 15 , im sure you can but the nic salts are smoother right ??? @woftam addressed this question in the past i believe maybe he knows ?



Not having ever used a pod system or mixed for a pod system my experience is limited - That said you can if you choose use either however a pod system MAY need a higher nic level to satisfy you & using Freebase Nic MAY have too much throat hit for you to enjoy your vape. I would try an elevated nic level with freebase and if it is too throaty grab some nic salts.



Well maybe you were saying you use Nic salts at lower pcts when someone said it was supposed to be used higher … I know you said something awhile ago that indicated you used salts lol …

Or maybe im completely wrong and need another nap , i am seriously tired tonite cant shake it either

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I do use salts and they can be used at any % just like freebase - at higher % they will have much less TH than freebase. I have not mixed for pods before. It is important to say that just because salts can be used at higher % with no throat hit there is no requirement to use them at that higher %.

Pods and MTL are a different kettle of fish and may require a boost in the nic level to satisfy any craving. If the higher level of Freebase causes an uncomfortable throat hit then nic salts may alleviate that particular issue



I completwly agree …

Can my fingers work today ??? I cant stop hitti g the wrong damn letters



Best to blow through your shirt sleeve, or something a little thicker to filter out a little, maybe a sweater. That’s at least a way to let it dissipate faster. As for smell, just tell them you used that new-fangled toilet spray.