DANGER: Auto-firing almost caused fire

Hello everyone.

Okay, so today I had an unfortunate experience. One of those “It’ll never happen to me” experiences. My Coolfire IV TC 100 Limited Edition, today, whilst locked and unsupervised, auto-fired in my work locker. This was a continuous auto-fire causing the tank to become so heated it exploded and began to bellow smoke from my locker. Had I not gone for my lunch break at the time I did, the building was moments away from triggering the Sprinkler system potentially causing an evac.My locker was also stuffed with another of my Mods, Deodorant, spare t-shirt and a few other things not healthy in a fire.

My bigger concern however is that this can happen whilst locked, and upon inspecting my Coolfire IV… it is still locked. This could be very different had it been at night, where I have both my mods next to my bed.

I’m not saying all vaping devices are a danger, get rid etc. Of course not. But I would like to urge everyone to remove the tank completely when the device is not in use and unsupervised for extended periods of time just for all your safety. It could be anyone; and I know it’s a “it’ll never happen to me” moment, but it did happen.


Wow, glad to hear it didn’t turn out worse than it did! I think that’s a wise suggestion to remove tanks when the mod won’t be used for a while and is unattended.


Dang, I take my gear to work as well that’s pretty scary I am glad you’re ok and it was not a crisis , it does suck for sure. Thanks for the heads up. I do atm have more than most of my batteries w/ no tanks on them.


Whoa, glad no one or property was hurt/damaged. Wonder what caused it. Sounds like a faulty board.


my Joyetech Evic VTC Mini auto fired once but lucky enough I had it in my hand, kinda dangerous


My wife was using my aspire cf vv and one night after she had gone to bed I heard a crackling noise like someone vaping and called to her thinking she was vaping upstairs (we don’t do that) then I realised it was coming from the kitchen, the thing was going for it by itself.

Its certainly a worry and because it’s a sealed unit I can’t even see why it is happening, my guess is liquid has gone down the side of the 510 and got to the connections.

It’s now decommissioned and she uses my eleaf 30w


Thanks for sharing your experience and giving folks a heads up (especially on the particular mod involved).

Thrilled to hear that no one was hurt, but also that there was no property damage etc.

I’m inclined to agree with the notion (chances are strong) that liquid probably reached the pcb.

Great tip about removing the atty when not in use (especially while sleeping)!


Glad you caught it in time. That’s scary.


well that’s me taking the batts out of everything before I go to sleep…:confounded:

glad no one was hurt dude :+1:


Good Lord! I’m so sorry that happened to you! (I had it happen with an e-leaf 100 Watt TC) but I heard it firing and saw it happening - so no fire or explosion.

There’s a lot of bad electronic micro boards coming out of China right now, damn cell phones starting on fire too.

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They just did a recall on IPV6X because their reverse protection isn’t working and they are auto firing if the batteries are inserted backwards. VapinHeathin on youtube tested, and it’s also doing it on the IPV 400, although they aren’t offering a recall yet on the 400. He was encouraging anyone that has those to contact IPV.


@Lord_Dan Dan, this is VERY good info to have. Sorry to hear that mate, THANKS for passing this on, and glad it wasn’t in your pocket. I have a CF IV and I think you nailed it when you mentioned the “It’ll never happen to me …” as I’m sure many of us who know how to vape safely, buy quality devices/batteries, and DON’T walk around with a pocket full of batteries and loose change, assume we’re good to go.


yeah, I am thinking I should at least power every mod down before bed


It’s a habit for me… I detest the sound of a smoke alarm anyway… why push the envelope. :thinking:


the hard part for me will be when I am drunk and have to power down 5 or 6 mods…


i had this happen to me a few years ago with an ego one. the tank was leaking from the bottom bc i was chain vaping it and i guess the liquid was so thin from the heat it leaked a good bit out of the bottom airflow. it was probably about 6-7 drops worth on there and it auto-fired while on my desk. it was the first time i noticed it leak that much and the first time it fired by itself, so it’s probable the liquid made a connection. i definitely like tanks like the osb engine with the leak-resistant airflow and rda’s with side airflow


Sorry to hear it and glad you caught it. I’m wondering what’s going on. Manufacturers saturating the market before regulations, more people using mods or the rise in low ohm usage or maybe it’s a combination of all three. Years back these accidents were much less common than today. It doesn’t exactly help the argument that’s going on the more it happens.


well, be happy that thing didn’t turn even worse…

though Locking a device doesn’t disable “power/fire” button but just the wattage/Temperature (only a few mods i have seen also lock the power button)
when we 're not using them, even, inserting them in our pockets, bags, closets, locker or wherever, best thing to do is shutting them down

i am not pretending the smart guy… but unfortunately most of us forget that ecig and batteries no matter what are dangerous…it’s pitty that this is happening to you or someone else, but it’s good when you post them reminding us of these dangers :slight_smile:

thank you for sharing it and gl m8 :slight_smile: