Dark fruits?

Hi everyone , new to the diy juice game , vaped for a year , using a sigeli 150w with aspire cleto and always got the juice of someone I used to know , now I have no contact with them I decided to try making it my self , ordered all the stuff it’s on it’s way but … the person who used to do the juice for me made one he called dark fruits ( tasted exactly the same as strongbow dark fruits ) best all day vape I have ever tried , I can’t for the life of me find anything similar , anybody have and ideas would really appreciate it thanks for your help in advance

Black current FA or Forrest fruit fa might be a good starting point. What kind of fruit flavor did u get from the juice? Blackberry, Raspberry, strawberry, black Raspberry, blueberry?


More of a blackberry/ grape taste of say was so smooth and lots of different taste

Blackberry is usually kind of difficult to find one that doesn’t taste real chemical like. I’d say black current would still be a good start. As far as grape the one I usually go to is grape soda flavor west. To me it’s the least chemical and the best grape flavor I’ve tried to date. If you want a white grape flavor I’d say go with FA.

Soooo glad u said that , I ordered a blackberry with my diy kit and it tasted really strange thought it was just me , thanks for ur advice mate I’ll order them to try cheers also where do u order ur concentrates from if u don’t mind me asking

I’m in the US so I order from nic river or bullcity. A really good blackberry is medicine flower. It’s the best one I’ve found. Also bakers flavors has a great blackberry as well. Another great grape flavor is real flavors and flavorah.