Dark star discount?

I thought there was a post with a discount offer for Darkstar?
Can’t seem to find it?
Maybe I’m losing it? Lol

I believe the discount was meant for a specific FB group only and was not meant to be shared outside of the group.

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Thanks Jo
I knew I had seen something?
Pity I can’t remember the code as I was going to try their pg/ vg
Oh well!

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I think the code was …

removed - apparently someone don’t want it on forums :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sorry @Chewy that was me. Didn’t realise it was specific to a fb site. My bad. No harm was intended, i was just trying to help out the community. :v:


Are you on Facebook @Chewy?

@Duneatic thanks for trying!

@Pattie no worries! Your intentions were honourable!

I’m not but the wife is.

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Was just wondering if you wanted to have a look at a UK based secret vaping group. No worries if you are not on it, was just a thought. P.S. It’s on;y secrect so that thousands of folk don’t join and they can keep an eye on who does. Nothing sinister.

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Whats the name of the group Steve?
I will have a look

No biggie, not even sure what Dark Star is but I remembered the “code” so I thought I would help.

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There’s one called UKVT Homebrew Juice. They have different sponsors every month or so I think. Unfortunately you just missed Darkstar as they have just finished their sponsorship.

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No problem
Got it all sorted now
Thanks everyone and I will report back regarding their PG and VG