Dark Vapes - What you got?

Since I’m out of a few of my go-to flavors and need to order soon, I’m wanting to sort of change up some of my mixing strategy. What I have concentrated on is a lot of fruit/cream and sweeties. Anything bright and warm has been my thing. Now I’m looking at maybe moving to some of what I would refer to as darker flavors. Things like coffees, chocolates, any kind of woodsy herbs or things which lend a less bright note.

And although it doesn’t really fit this description, I tasted a juice that was an Earl Grey tea. That fits the desired type thing I’m looking for even though one could argue it is more aligned with brighter tasting flavors. The tea was there and it was exceptional.

On a different note, has anyone ever had Earl of Grey from The Tea Spot? Not a liquid, it’s tea. Here -

This stuff is amazing! I would love to have a juice that tastes like that. Yeah, there’s your challenge :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m open to suggestions on things to try. Just really need to break away from the strawberries and cream for a while. Thanks in advance.


I’m content with Lipton, Stash, and Twinings, but I wouldn’t refuse a cup of the good stuff!

I’ve also been craving some more Earl Grey vape. I’m pretty content with this recipe, but since I’m not super picky about my tea, there’s probably room for improvement. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/275664/easy+earl+grey


Ugh what’s in that? Love tea but not big into the good stuff as it seemed like another hobby haha… Looks like lavender in there, sadly allergic to that stuff
I agree id like a nice coffee vape but definitely a tea too

From their webpage

Blender’s Notes:

This unique blend takes traditional Earl Grey to the next level by combining the expected bergamot flavoring on full leaf black tea then adding the perfect proportions of other citruses, vanilla, licorice root, and mallow flowers. The result is a captivating aroma and a deep liquor with a well-balanced, smooth, bright, and slightly creamy flavor profile. This tea is for those who like to veer from tradition, explore new ground, and a must for those with fond memories of the orange-creamsicles of childhood. It pairs perfectly with strong cheeses or creme brulee.

Sample = 5 8-oz Servings
Tin = 42 8-oz Servings
1 LB Bulk = $0.15 / Serving
Boasted Best Earl Grey Ever, by us!
Tasty in lattes, cookies, & cocktails

Ingredients: black tea, citrus rind, licorice root, mallow flowers, bergamot, citrus & vanilla flavoring


Damn that sounds really good I never thought to check teas for recipes I didn’t realize the extent of ingredients.
Crazy they can say flavors are aimed at kids, I love the varieties of coffee flavors and teas. Making juice is like my love of cooking and mixing drinks all in one. I’d rather mix drinks than drink them honestly not big into alcohol but know how to turn random ingredients into a killer drink :beers: cheers! :coffee:

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It should be easy to make a great earl grey with Black Tea (FA) and Bergamot (FA) :smile:

Perhaps something like:

2% Black Tea (FA)
0.5% Bergamot (FA)



Plus anise or absinthe or licorice, marshmallow, orange citrus (flavorah is my new fav), and madagascar vanilla (FA). :stuck_out_tongue:


Woodsy flavors that I really like that add that " something else " to a mix are

Ylang Ylang FA-yes it’s a floral but it has a certain quality that is woodsy.

Italian cream HS- very thick non sweet cream perfect for coffees and chocolate it can standup against whatever you put it with.

Taro flavor express- taro is fantastic it isn’t sweet either. Is a root / tubular has a starchy note good for yogurts creams coffees chocolate and beer !

Beer HS- very different mixes well with berries and chocolates is hoppy and yeast like with a certain spitziness. Taste beer like but FA Joy taste like beer to me also.

Yam TFA - yep sweet potatoes makes an interesting vape I like to add brown sugar with it. Smooth and creamy !

Kona coffee flavor express- I really like this one it also mixes well when its higher % and you add a small % of FA dark bean espresso which it is awesome all on its on either one.
Then there is FA’s tiramisu which is phenomenal when mixed as a coffee espresso or as a chocolate dessert juice !
Just a few for thought !


I’m sure I posted this recipe somewhere already, but I can’t find it. This is the first tea juice I ever made. Lars I used your recommended percentages of Black Tea and Bergamot. However, since I was aiming at a specific brand of tea I had to include these other flavors in an attempt to mimic it. What I didn’t know at the time is how very long it takes Tea to steep. I’m at 5 weeks now and been testing it pretty much every week. It’s just now tasting steeped and I must say this is very, very close to The Tea Spot’s Earl of Grey.

I do think it may be good to try this again using MF Grapefruit and Vanilla. For now I’m loving it.

Earl of Grey (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Anise (INAWERA) 0.2
Bergamot (FA) 0.5
Black Tea (FA) 2
Grapefruit (FA) 4
Orange Citrus (Flavorah) 0.5
Vanilla Bourbon (TPA) 1

Flavor total: 8.2%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Steep time - 5 weeks


I hate to reply to my own post but I thought if I only edited it no one would see. I need some guidance here. I made this recipe on Nov 21st. It was ok but then finally was delicious after 5 weeks of steeping. Something happened in the last 2 weeks. Now it’s bland and almost flavorless. To me it tastes like I took my recipe and cut it by 50% with just plain VG. I’m very disappointed here and thing something in it must have muted the flavors, but I have no idea what it could be. Anyone who does I’m all ears. Oh and I don’t believe it’s vaper’s tongue. I can still taste everything else.

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Sorry to not look into this before, but I don’t have those flavors. Based on the entries in the database, that’s quite a lot of Grapefruit (FA). Is it possible you’re getting muting from too much flavoring? I wouldn’t have expected that much of a change from week 5 to week 7 though. I may be grasping at straws.

Thanks Zigs. I’ve only made one other recipe with the FA GF and used it at 3%. But I suppose anything is possible. It’s weird how drastic the flavor loss was in 2 weeks time. Especially since it had steeped 5 weeks already and was tasting so good.