Daughter's band fundraiser. Not vape related

Hey guys! My daughter has a fundraiser for her middle school band. Her goal is to sell a minimum of 15 items.

There’s ALL KINDS of stuff in there. Kitchen stuff, snacks and goodies, holiday items, apparel, candles, and more!

There’s even an option to do a donation in $20 increments, if you aren’t interested in purchasing anything but still want to help her out!

We are trying to do this digitally to avoid the more dangerous, covid exposure risk, door-to-door style.

Everything helps so any of you that wish to help are welcome to look and pitch in! I’d appreciate any and all of you guy’s help in this!

Here is the sales pitch that is generated from the website when we choose to send an email, with the link: (it does ask for your email address and it will ask for your shipping address, as it will ship directly to you, no middle man!)

My group, Nicoma Park Middle School Band, kicked off our fundraiser and I need your help! We are raising $12,000 for new band instruments, repair of school instruments, new music.

Will you help me reach my goal? You can support my fundraiser by going to the link below. If you don’t use my personal shopping link, you need to go to

https://www.ShopFund.com click SHOP NOW and then put in my Student Code: LYV8745.

My Personal Shopping link is: Shop

Thank you so much and let me know when you are done :slight_smile:


Done. I love kitchen gadgets!
Good luck on the fundraiser.


Thank you, so much! That helps, a lot!


Its for a good cause. I’m a marching band dad. My son (23) is studying to become a music teacher and hopes to get a doctorate and teach high school kids music. It all started in middle school. I think it’s important to support the arts early on. Give these kids a chance in a messed up world.


Didn’t need anything but donation sent


I was in band, myself, growing up. I wanted to be a band director, too. I wish him all the luck and best wishes!!

Moral support is so important. I appreciate your willingness to help!

She’s so excited to see you guys popping up on her visit counter. Each click earns her an entry for a drawing for a bunch of different prizes.

So, even if no one else buys anything, every click through increases her chances of winning. That’s not to say DON’T buy anything, lol! By all means, please do, haha! She is just excited to see that number climbing. :heart_eyes:

Greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps! It’s for a good cause and I know this forum is full of great people.


So far, she has sold 9 of her 15 item goal. 4 of those were purchased by us, but they still count :sweat_smile:

Those of you who have helped, thank you. :blush: Your help is greatly appreciated. Those of you who are on the fence…? Do it! It’s for a good cause! Those of you who just aren’t interested…? Well :yum: on you, too lol

This is all lighthearted and no offense is intended, of course. As I said before, she’s so excited to see the numbers climbing.

Even if y’all don’t make a purchase, don’t be afraid to even just browse. You never know! You might find something you just can’t live without! :grin:

Thanks again, guys and gals.


I am really very proud of your daughter. I will pray for your daughter. :slight_smile: Let me know if your daughter needs any help. If your daughter needs some tips on July 4th preschool crafts then she can get more info over here. It will surely help her in learning. And I want to know that how can I give her funds. I would love to help your daughter.


Well hello there, @MatthewMSanchez and welcome to the community! Thank you for the kind words!


What an interesting story; I am very happy for your daughter. I hope she succeeds in everything. I also deal with the risks of euthanasia on this site https://paperap.com/free-papers/euthanasia/. I write various posts to encourage people to think good thoughts; I want to help them with everything I can. I think your daughter and I would make a good team!


Thank you! She set her goal for straight A’s this year and so far has succeeded. :blush:


I’m glad she has goals she’s pursuing.