Deamon Vape Juice line - Lets try and clone them juices!

Hi guys.

I came across this juice line, and i found myself to be very happy With it. The juices taste very Nice, and well done honestly.
So now i want to start and try to bring together some clones from this juice line. Going to start it off With the “Fontana 4706” flavor :slight_smile:
Anyways, if you are curious about this juice, og Ahead and try it. Think you will like it as i did.

If you do have a helping hand or a handy clone that fits these juices, please let us know here. I want to clone these juices, simply because i want everybody else to taste these juices as well. Not everybody can afford them… So what is better than to clone them :wink:

I will start working on the “Fontana 4706” Clone now, but this will take time… I hope others can join in on this little cloning adventure for the community :wink: :slight_smile:

It has to be the best juices i have tasted honestly.