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Dear fellow vapers - hello and need advice on liquid



I am very happy that finally I have had a chance to click the link to this wonderful website. My name is Dragos, I am 31 years old and i love vaping. It all started about 2 years ago, more or less with a basic stick, after which I came back to smoking, and since about 6 months ago, I only vape, which I consider to be a very good idea.
I am now the proud owner of 4 machines, 6 atomizers, tens of coils and e juice bottles.
I manufactured myself(well, glued is more the word ) a Vape kit stand, with full LED back lightning.
I have a little question for you. Are there any flavors out there that don’t taste like anything you can eat or drink ? I am talking the original flavor. Something I cannot even imagine. Nothing that has anything to do with berries,chocolate, cakes, coffee etc?
So far the only one which I enjoy on a daily basis is Heisenberg from Vampire Vape. I do however have other liquids, Bloodsukka, Get Cubed, Get Brewed, Barrel and Sunken Barrel, Pink man etc …
However, all of the above fall in the “foodish” category.
I am not planning a vacation ( road trip from Poland to Eastern Romania ) and I will basically stop in every major town and visit the vape shop there. I already got most o them around the polish slovak czech borders covered.
Anyway, your insight will be much appreciated.
BTW, I am also looking for that DENSE CLOUD sub ohm tank …
So far I have SMOK STICK V9 MAX whose tank I consider to be the best.
The Prince tank which generates let’s say large but not dense clouds.
GV Alpha which the same doesn’t generate density but quite a large cloud.
and GV GBOX RDA which is giving me quite the density BUT not the amount.
I am talking about those types of clouds which after you vape you put your hand through them and they feel wet.
My liquids are between 80/20 and 70/30.

Thank you in advance and hope I haven’t started to rant, I get excited when talking about vaping!

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