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Be polite and introduce yourself!


As a new member, please introduce yourself to the rest of the family :slight_smile:

This is the 2018 thread! The old thread had gotten a little big, so we got ourselves a new one! :slight_smile:

Hi from Oz
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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)
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HI, my real name is Jonathan but on the forums i go by ModAbidingCitizen. Been vaping since 2013. Been mixing since a year after that. and for some reason i just now made an account on here… look forward to meeting new people.


Great to have you here Jonathan! :grin:


Welcome Jon. Great to see you


Welcome to the forum and a Happy New Year.


Hello my name is Vincent and wish you all a happy new year! my actual language is french so don’t be rude when i struggle with my english! looking forward to mix my own juices…steep by steep…lol


Welcome - don’t worry about language - I am Australian and we struggle with english too :+1::rofl:


Welcome @20100 and @ModAbidingCitizen!


Welcome @ModAbidingCitizen :raised_hand:


Welcome @20100 :raised_hand:


Greetings ELR !! I’m a complete newbie. I’ve been reading and taking notes for many hours. Compliments to daath, Admin and all who have built this site and all who have contributed. ELR is incredibly managed and offers a tremendous amount of information. Information Overload, ha ha. I think I’m getting close to making my first order. The only thing that has me still baffled is the VG PG Nic ratios, but I’m still looking. The first use of the calculator may be a little puzzling too, but I’ll get it, sooner or later!
Kudos to all you fine people!
Perry Mason



Definitely buy those separately (not a premixed base, in case you were considering that). If you’re a tank user I’d probably start around 60/40 - 80/20 vg/pg, if you’re a dripper probably 70/30 or higher vg. You’ll find your sweet spot after playing around a bit. :wink:
Good luck! Enjoy yourself!!


Thank you VapeyMama! What about ordering, I was thinking of ordering VG and PG and also a PG/Nic. base? OR, should I ask questions in the “Beginners” forum?


Yep that’s the best way to go. Pg nic is the most popular because its a lot easier to shake properly. I personally use 50/50 48mg nic just to keep my vg higher without having to use 100mg nic. Totally a personal preference thing. But yes, by all means please feel free to ask more questions in the beginner section!


Thanks, great info. I was going to order 100 Mg PG, but you say the more diluted (48mg. nic.) allows for higher VG mixes. That helps, thank you. I’m going to hop over to “Beginners” and check things out. See ya around!


I meant the 50/50 allows for higher vg when using 48mg nic since you have to use >2x as much as you would with 100mg. :wink: I’ll just follow you over to the beginner’s section so we don’t keep derailing this thread. :joy:


Welcome @Perry_Mason :raised_hand:


Welcome to ELR @Perry_Mason


Welcome @Perry_Mason @ModAbidingCitizen @20100


Whos that lambu?
Hi Family!
lambu (big guy in Hindi) was my nickname given to me by indian children.
Where you are from? - The Moon- made them think…

After more than 30 years of cigs i converted.
Solving most of the hardware side with the help of other forums i found
this nice and friendly place.
I am looking forward to contol what i vape…
to learn and contribute.

I am not on the sweet side, more the Liqourice/ tobacco/ Menthol guy.

Please bear my noob questions and my language with patience.