Decadent Vapours reviews

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Unfortunately I don’t know many of their flavors:

  • Absinthe (DV) - The very best Absinthe there is!
  • Mentholyptus (DV) - If you smoked menthol cigarettes - this is one of the best menthols there is! I have a few ex-menthol smoking friends, and after I introduced this to them a few years ago, they haven’t vaped anything else!
  • Menthol (DV) - It’s …just a regular menthol, but very good none the less!

I’ve tried a few more, but it’s been so long, that I don’t want to comment on them now…

If any of you guys have tried Decadent Vapours flavorings, please add to this topic :smile:

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Decadent vapours is quick on shipping and they do ship to the U.S.

Rhubarb- spot on it is super concentrated so be careful. ( actually all of their flavors I have are high concentrated ) bright fruity rhubarb with just the tiniest hint of spicy ness. Delicious if you know and love rhubarb you won’t be disappointed.

Berrylicious- dark berries blended mix can be difficult to mix with d/t high concentration but I finally got it right in my recipe Berry in yo face ( Bc you won’t forget your vaping Berry ! )

Then I got the rhubarb and custard - same great rhubarb taste just paired with custard. And not them American custard ore cream lemon like no deep eggy note here. It is good slightly weaker than the other two however it is delicious as a standalone ! I like 6-8%.