Decent menthol concentrate?

Looking for something that’ll have a nice kick, but not incredibly over powering. Thinking on some blackcurrant menthol, like airwaves gum. And also maybe use it for a mint choc. Something to cover both?

You could use Koolada or make your own using menthol crystals. I made some using the crystals crushed and added to a bottle at a ratio of 75% crystals to 25% PG. Shake the bottle well and place in a warm bath to help the dissolve. Shake again and ready to go. Use very little of this as it really packs a menthol punch. Start with 1 drop per 10 ml and adjust to your preference. I made a 10ml bottle of this and it will last a long time.

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I should have said maybe, I don’t use PG at all. Only whatever is in the flavorings. i could buy a small bottle for this purpose though. I heard that the crystals don’t dissolve well, if at all, in VG?

You might be able to dissolve a lower ratio of crystals in the VG but definitely using heat to assist. And a magnetic mixer or some other mixer would probably help a lot too. You could also try dissolving them in some PGA or DW. Oh and I’m pretty sure that Koolada is in PG.

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Thanks. Will look at that option.

What would be some of the better menthol concentrates besides?

I’m not sure of many that aren’t PG based that’s why I suggested making a DIY VG based menthol. Hopefully other more knowledgeable type can chime in on this. Good luck in your hunt!

Also, if you do have trouble getting it to dissolve in VG you could still go the PG route as adding a drop per 10ml isn’t really adding much PG to your recipe at all. To me it would be so negligible that I wouldn’t even count it.

Oh no, I don’t mind if the concentrates are PG based. What I mean is, I don’t use any additional PG :slight_smile:

Gotcha! :slightly_smiling:

I’d suggest a 10% dilution for menthol crystals, especially if you’re trying to dissolve in VG. Do 1g crystals to 9g VG. I’ve never tried with VG so I can’t say for sure how it’ll work. Alternatively, Flavor west has Extreme Ice that will probably work for what you’re wanting. They have a spearmint also, that I like a lot. Most menthols are going to be the same…menthol crystals in PG. Not really any other way to get menthol so not much that can be messed up. Only difference may be in concentration. :slightly_smiling:

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ok cool, I guess they will be mostly alike. Some will be more peppery though? and others that softer kind of menthol? I want a good menthol kick for the blackcurrant [trying to emulate my favourite gum] and have it much gentler for other mixes, like with choc - for an after eight style juice. So any menthol that gives more ‘oomph’ with higher % I guess. Not mixing by weight just yet, but it’s on the list to get a scales.

If you want it to be really customizable I’d definitely suggest going the crystal route. You could make a 10% dilution for when you need less and a more concentrated one for when you want more. Crystals is what I use when I want menthol. If you want an actual peppermint flavor, I’ve heard FA’s is good. Flavorah’s Creme de menthe is also really good from what I can tell so far. I just made up a a single with it over the weekend and it tastes like an Andes mint.

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I was just going to say what jojo said Flavorah’s creme de menthe is soft but has that kick. I also second the FW’s extreme ice, I actually really like FW’s Blue Ice it’s slightly blueberry candy like icy sweet, nice and soft ice to it but not enough menthol.You could always add Extreme ice with Blue ice or the creme de menthe.

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creme de menthe sounds ideal, especially if I want to attempt an after eight type juice. How do you think that would go with blackcurrant?

I like the idea of an icy dark berry ! If you want the bubblegum effect you may consider using FA’s tutti frutti or their new flavor Monsoon.

I don’t see TFA bubblegum " Juicy " or not doing it justice and it may make it overly sickly sweet.

FA Black currant very potent TFA’s a bit milder.

The gum that I love is more a chewing gum than the sweet bubble gum type.It’s also sugar free afaik. It’s really strong menthol, with a lovely kick of blackcurrant. Great on cold windy Irish morns :smiley:

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Never heard of it but it sounds wonderful. You’d think an Irishman would want something hot like a red hot cinnamon on chilly mornings lol I a have no idea what just playing around.

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If you are in the UK, try Vampire vapes ‘Attraction’

I’ve been vaping it all day and, to me, it tastes just like what you are after. The description is ‘A mixture of red berries & fruits with a menthol twist’

I’m only getting blackcurrent and menthol from it. It does remind me of the Airwaves chewing gum.

VV do a concentrate too but it is expensive compared to mixing your own concentrate.

Would like to know if a clone comes up. It’s a great ADV.

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Haha, I actually don’t like cinnamon in a vape. I like it in muffins or on toast now and then, but for some reason never liked it in juices. Think of the gum like an extra strong mint, or strong sore throat sweet I guess, which is why it works for colds, clears out the airwaves … I suppose, hence the name :smiley:

Will have a look into that too, thanks Orca. I know there’s also one called Red Astair from T-Juice, and I think they might also have a blackcurrant menthol one too?

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