Decks with large holes

so as i continue on in learning all these elaborate type wires, coils, builds etc, i’m gonna need to find RD/B/TA’s with large post holes…
so if you vets out there could list me any and all of these units that have large post holes, even the common and obvious ones, i can start looking for ones to add to my collection that will accommodate the coils i’ll be building, or trying to build, lol…
as always, please and 10-Q

Twisted Messes RDA and the Petri are what immediately come to mind for drippers.


the dark horse has decent sized holes

Twisted messes RDA
El Cabron RDA
13 heavens 9 Hells RDA
MUtation X RDA’s

The Petri has 2 small holes in each post but they can be filed out to create a single cyclops style hole.

STILLARE RDA are adequate size

But if you have a set of small files you can make any post holes bigger

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The Freakshow has pretty large postholes too.


I stand corrected. I was thinking of the El Cabron. Apologies.

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You can drive a chevy through the holes in the Doge. The Velocity is good too…


I looked up images of the doge rda and when the image came up, I was like, whats this cat talking about???
So I swept through some images and when it came up to a doge v2, I was like, FUCK! he wasn’t kidding, man, them holes are huge!
Note to self: do NOT doubt the Ringling!


On my list so far:
El cabron
13 heavens and 9 hells
Mad hatter
El Diablo
Hobo v3 (really like this one)
Doge v2

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How do you like the Mad Hatter?
NM, you are shopping…duh

If you’re looking for RDAs for big coil builds you should take into account the post design. Even if you have large post holes, some 3 post RDAs will limit you because of the single center post hole. You have to fit 2 large wires into one center post hole. Even if the 2 outer post holes are adequate, you still need a extra large center post hole to accommodate 2 large wires. You should look for 2 or 4 post RDAs or you may run into problems trying fit your wires through the single center post hole. I like the 1 hole 1 wire concept. Also some 3 post RDAs are built too close together to accommodate large coils. As long you have a drill and a 2.5mm drill bit you can bore any post to accept large diameter coils. Don’t forget about adequate airflow too. Those big coils get hot.

These type of post are off centered giving you room for large coils.

On this top picture, There is no way to fit 2 positive wires into a single center post. It would have to be a 4mm hole.

The bottom picture is the Haze RDA. For some reason it wasn’t very popular, but it’s one of my favorites in my collection. Plenty of airflow and a large easy to build deck.


Naughty 69’er build lol.

@Pro_Vapes is correct about the 3 post design even with large post holes.

The El Cabron is guilty of this aspect. 3 posts with 2.8mm holes in each post but the centre hole is still the same size as the negatives. Making it difficult to accommodate anything wider in a dual coil setup above 1.3mm in width.

I think I’m going to have to get a Haze or a HAZZ as its called on FT lol.



So is the Freakshow, the Mutation X got 4 posts.

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As always, excellent information, excellent advice…thank you very much…
In my quest for large post holes, I didn’t really take into consideration that 2 wires would have to fit in the same hole, I just avoided them because they are not as easy to work with…different reasons,.same results…

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Here’s some links to the RDA’s I use most frequently.

Velocity clone

Petri dotmod clone filed or drilled out has loads of room.

El Cabron clone 3 post

13 Heavens 9 Hells clone 4 post 2.8mm each approx

Also on top of this list is the Twisted Messes RDA but I bought a 1:1 clone from a UK supplier.


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