Deep fried,custard help

I want to make a good base recipie with these or similar i have alot of different creams and vanillas too what would you suggest? For all of it. I want a deep fried dough custard recipie so %'s this is where I fuck up the worst .

I also have sweet dough, crepes, French toast, Biscuit, pie crust,funnel cake,joy, joker,golden butter(cap) and butter (LorAnns) for creams I got fresh cream, sweet cream,butter cream,dairy Milk, Bavarian cream, Vienna cream,whipped cream, vanilla I got vanilla pudding,Madagascar, vanilla swirl,Shisha Vanilla, and a.few.different custards


Pick up some CAP Glazed Donut. It has that greasy, lightly sweet, fried dough feel in the back of your throat at moderate percentage, like 3% or so…

If you’re not looking to ADD to what you have Funnel Cake at 1.5-2% and Deep Fried Pastry at 0.50-1% would be a good starting point…

As for the custards, @authormichellehughes would be the one to ask, i think.


I use warm custard and vanilla cream in most my custard: got 100mL bottles of both - they’re excellent together.