Defiant Ceramic Tank (Council of Vapor)

Anyone know anything about this tank? Guy at the vape store was pushing this tank hard on me like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread…

It’s a bit of a confusing name “ceramic tank” it’s clearly not a ceramic tank but a ceramic coil, standard looking tank with ceramic coil is what I’m getting…

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From reading about it I guess the ceramic coils are supposed to be “the shit” when it comes to flavor and vapor production, but more so with the flavor…idk…looks interesting and I would like to try it but I am hesitant because I haven’t used any tank with stock coils in a long time since I have been building my own and at $17.95 for a box of 5 coils, they better last a hell of a long time if I were to invest in it!!!

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I use alot of different ceramics and they are as advertised… clean taste. the real downside is they get HOT. Not for chain vaping! Your entire mod gets hot. They also get crusty like all coils and if you can’t dry burn them clean (need to be re-wickable to last long!) they can be short lived (Kanger SSOCC Ceramics in particular). If they we sooo great we’d all be using them. Nothing better! …for the first 30 minutes.


The guy at the vape shop told me it’s a 4 month coil? How can that be lasting 4 months? I think you and I are chain vapers… I want to try it but with what you are telling me, I don’t like the sound of that.

If the guy is telling you four months ask him if you can return it for a refund if two coils don’t last that long. I bet if you used it as your daily device you may get 3 weeks. 4 months would be just excellent…but if that makes me wonder…4 months for who?

Something I learned a while back is that coils should be rated for number of ml’s that it can go through before needing to be changed.

At the start of my vaping a coil lasted a pretty good while 2-4 weeks depending on the juice. Did some upgrading managed to stay at the 2-4 weeks with the crown v1 0.5 coils (same as before around 4 weeks). Started vaping more and found myself back to the 2-3 week mark and picking a bunch of recipies that would kill a coil.

Now I rebuild and who cares how long the coil will last. The cost is so cheep to rebuild a coil.


He is charging twice what I can get it for online, he wants $55.00 for it. It’s kind of funny with him… last year he was so busy in that store it was unbelievable even with charging double the online rate for tanks and coils. He always will replace or refund defective stuff but 4 months seems … not really plausible.

I’ve been surfing on this tank and it’s coils and the main folks I buy from aren’t carrying it. The online stores that do have it, don’t even have the replacement coils. I’m thinking this tank would be a bad investment… thanks for everyone speaking up.


I know, it’s just time consuming :slight_smile: For some people the building is part of the fun. I like the mixing and the new batteries that come out. I think I’m going to try this silly little thing:

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Those are so cute…have you picked a color yet? I like the teal, but myvaporstore only has gold and red listed…I wish they had something like this when I first started vaping! It is just not enough for me now…I vape on my Limitless RDTA and my TFV4 with the dual coil rba most of the time using .06 to .10 ohm titanium coils at 125 watts and 540 to 580 degrees in TC on my RX200…Don’t ask me how I got to this place because Idk…I was sucked into the vaping world as many others are and I have come a long way since my evod starter kit!!!

Absolutely, I know that once I started it was like a conquest I had to conquer! I do not by any means do complicated, artistic builds like you see here in the coil building showoffs thread, but I do like the challenge of building a good fused clapton!!!

I’m going to get a red one I think. I know, they are so cute! (Cant get teal either)

Playing with coils is fun, and there’s no better flavor possible when you use your own cotton and coils…I’ve done it but it’s messy and time consuming and my hands get sticky and that part of it drives me nuts!

(Leaves room flapping arms)

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Don’t forget poking your fingers with the wire and bleeding all over the place! However, practice makes perfect and those things aren’t really an issue for me anymore! I really just wanted to learn how to build my own coils because of the deeming regulations and the fear that replacement coils would be more expensive and really hard to find…

I have drawers full of vape prepping supplies… for when the Comet, Nibiru, Martial Law or Unemployment Strikes.

I have no rice or vegetable oil.

The way I see it - the more food you have in your house, the faster you are going to die. I’m non-violent. I’m old and and going to die quickly anyway. I just want to make sure I can vape in my last hours.

I won’t run out of liquid thanks to this crew coming up with all this fun stuff to mix all the time!

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You are absolutely right! We all gotta go sometime, might as well be happily vaping until then! However, I am only 35 and I hope I still have a ways to go before then!

We aren’t going anywhere… media fear is very helpful to a consumer economy. People running around freaking out over buying things “just in case”…

I have two friends (and a campground we visit full of people) hoarding everything, buying land in the middle of no where, guns, ammo… Do you have any idea how much vape stuff has been sold and how rich these people have gotten because of all this regulation fear?

This has become a late life hobby for me and I’ve gotten a couple of people off cigarettes for good so…I just have a lot of fun with it!

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I agree. I love mixing more so than rebuilding. At this point rebuilding is just a nessisary evil for me. I figured that if I rebuild for a year I will get my mind net back for supplies and then some.

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Yes, I agree, vaping is very fun, and the fact that it saved my life and will help me be here a little longer for my kids (and any future grandchildren they give me) is reason enough for me to love it!!!