Random, maybe weird question/idea…
So, my girlfriend is not a fan of how foggy it can get in our room if I am vaping. Would a dehumidifier help pull that fogginess out of the air faster? If so, would it fast enough to be worth doing, or is it a case of I might as well just go in a different room (like I have to most of the time already)?

Don’t know about that, but I’m a big proponent of ceiling fans! Every room in my home has one; keeping them on low most of the time helps out with the vape haze, as well as circulating the cool or warm air in the room. :grinning:

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Sorry Mike, but there’s only one remedy.


LOL! :laughing:


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found a reddit thread where someone was wanting to defog their shop a bit and most folks said “use a fan”

Yes, the white haze - the bane of my existence. @Kinnikinnick the ceiling fan helps a lot! (It’s a lot better in the summer when the air conditioner is running too)

Not sure if it makes you feel better but my daughter and her husband are truckers and the windows have to be cleaned every 2-3 days.


The second time I looked I realized the vapor was inside the mask…lolololol