Deliberately down-voting recipes?

I think Lars can control some of it? Like limit someone to down voting to once a day? I dont know?

I see now how it works, someone has systematically downrated every public recipe I have. Just that quick. Damn hooligans.


Send @daath a PM or use the feedback on the recipe site and give him the username of the person.

I’m not saying it is right or wrong, but single flavor recipes are generally ‘looked down’ on. I suppose because a lot of people don’t really consider them recipes, like you said. It also tends to clutter the site, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the 10001K clones and adaptations. LoL. Plus, there’s the option to exclude single flavor recipes when doing any kind of search. So I’m not sure that’s a valid reason either. There’s a spot on the flavor details page for single flavor recommendation that you can use instead of (or in addition to) if you feel inclined. :wink:


Its just the stars, no comment. It would be OK if there was a comment. I came up with a work around, everything I had without a comment is now private so no clutter. Maby a good thing would be to be able to see a list of everyone who rated (starred) your recipe (or single flavor mix) that way we could retaliate :smiling_imp:

Remember a hard days work takes me weeks.

I am NOT in favor of retaliation, but you can see who rates your recipes. If you click on the blue wrench and click ratings it will show all the people that have rated and what they rated it as.


It is almost impossible to retaliate anyway cause most of the down voters haven’t got a single (public) recipe to their name. Can I one star their profile? Oh please, pretty please :sunglasses:


ideas for @daath may be to move the star rating down on the comment, if the comment contains no text the user can’t star rate the recipe. or if a user has never put a positive rating don’t allow that user to rate anything. As I have mentioned before though a similar problem exists in the single flavor average where many users suggest 1% to reduce the average. to get a more realistic average there all the lowest and highest % (outliers) need to be removed and only average the remaining more realistic values.

but I cant type now i’m busy with a counter strike operation.

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I do. And I refer to it as “stick measuring” if you get the drift.

My suspicion is these are almost exclusively males, and the type man who if he attains a level of affluence in life, will also dye their grey hair, drive a Hummer, Bugatti, Ferrari or Bentley, and if given a choice between a free Jamaican vacation at a nude beach or posing nude for a collegiate art class, would choose to go Marlin fishing. These are the guys who stuff their pants with rolled up socks and God forbid they go bald too, will spend their retirement on Bosley.

If they don’t end up making money in life, they will often become wife beaters and gay bashers.

So next time you see this downgrading schmuck in action, don’t get mad. Just picture an insecure little man who won’t have relations with his wife unless the lights are off.


Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmy! hahaa I spit my coffee all over my keyboard.


Is it really so competitive? My one measly single flavor recipe I only made public and rated for the sake of really new people, like newer than me, to know it’s okay by itself. My son LOVED IT and I was just…eh, pleasant enough to vape. Should I be getting a complex?

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For me it isn’t a competitive thing, I am really new and just making it into my first actual blends or recipes. As I did all the research mixing steeping for the single flavors I had, I’d post them just hoping someone newer than me would get some use. Along comes the haters or hater and 1 stars every one of my recipes without a comment. It hurt my feelings and I immediately pulled all my recipes that didn’t have any comments. I looked at that users page and found he didn’t even have a recipe posted to downgrade. The comments he left were: , yesterday, at 19:52
"it sucks though" , yesterday, at 21:41
"single flavor “recipe” and personally I don’t fancy Grape Candy at 16%, that’s why I rate this recipe 1 star. Sorry"
Then when I confronted him he suckered me into saying things I usually wouldn’t and I got in trouble for it instead of him. Personally I thought I was doing pretty good finding single flavor % for my flavors, now me thinks I may be the only one who ever knows.
It might be good to have a no ratings possible for single flavor recipes
or an option to check a box to allow ratings and comments so I could turn that off
also would be cool if single flavor recipes get sorted to that flavors page, but of course that would be slammed with the 1% recipes also.
I don’t think its a competitive thing my feelings just got hurt

Oh, I see those comments. It’s not constructive, just hate as others have said. Being new as well I can see how such a harsh person could make you feel self conscious. I try to keep my goal in sight, that I’m not trying to be a master mixologist, just trying to make something vapable to save money. If I find a handful of single flavors that work for me, I will share them. So far it’s just the one which I only shared because my son loves it so much, I really didn’t, lol. I have a few that I know I will love, just trying to find the right % and steep times for but it’s slow testing for me using tanks. Us newbie single flavor lovers should stick together my friend! It seems a few of the vets have your back too. It’ll be okay.

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I have 3 ELR users that have done that. Just another hurdle to move past. Kreed Kustard is so good it is hated. lol
Props to you.

To me it really goes against loving the mix.

It hurts at first, then I just looked at all the ones that loved it and comment such kind words.

And on a recent one another user spoted them downrating it moments after release, so they got called out. The community will protect you when you have good intentions I have found over the last weeks.

But I figure I rate it as a 5 so at least one 1 vote will just even it out. I rate them how I like them with my rating to track recipe successes.


I would take those comments with a grain of salt… the person has no posted recipes of their own… it looks like they are just trolling you.

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When you find your preferred % for single flavors, you enter that info in the flavor profile page. It gets added to the Flavor List, so people will see your notes and percents. Just make sure, for example, you’re entering into the same “Red Touch (FA)” as everyone else, and not creating a “new” flavor with a different spelling variation.


OK I’ll try that even though I find that list to be plagued with 1% inaccuracies that drive the median down and did not work for me. What did work was mixing many 10ml bottles in 1% increments between the suggested median and 2X the suggested median, steeping, tasting, discarding and redoing the experiments above and below the percent that seemed right. once I found the one that worked I figured I would post it so someone else may have a more accurate start point, and be able to benefit from my research and experimentation.
I’d bet the same users that hate everything also claim 1% to be their suggested single flavor recommendation.


Have seen this on chinese forums as well. People downvote reviews just because they dont like you.

Never understood what is gained by that for the person is not paid for writing reviews, nor gains any special status.
But it hurts innocent buyers.
Have long given up why people do what they do.

Sorry to hear it takes place here as well.


LOVE IT:joy:


Tell @daath about daath fixes everything, well unless @JoJo does it first. lol
It’s too bad anyone would want to do that. IMHO if they get caught they should be drawn and quartered or kicked off the forum at the very least.