Delosi Flavorings

Just got some flavors from delsosi, has anyone worked with some of these?

I know you can look up reccomendations on percentages on here but I was just wondering if anyone personally has worked with some of these.

I’m looking for percentages, just trying to save some time.

Thanks everyone!

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I use the watermelon at about 4-5%. A little higher if you’re going for a single. Best watermelon I’ve tried. I haven’t used any of the others, sorry.

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Watermelon is the whole reason I ordered from Delosi, so that’s perfect actually :slight_smile:


Just steer clear of their tobaccos. :pensive: To me, the only ones that have merit are Alberta and Tribeca; everything else is…meh. Even at that, the mixing ratios for the tobaccos needs to be somewhere 10 to 15% in the mix; takes a lot of concentrate to get a solid tobacco vape.

Get ready, you’ll more than likely throw away the Mango. Smells like cat piss. The one and only flavor my wife would not allow me to blend with. The watermelon is great as @JoJo said. It’s the only watermelon I will use. In my opinion nothing else compares. There are only 4 flavors from Delosi that stand out as better than the rest IMHO. Those are the Watermelon, Honeydew, Banana, and the Mocha. All are very good. Anything else I go elsewhere. Also, I hope you did not buy the Cotton Candy to sweeten blends. It will mute other flavors…


Dang! I was hoping the mango was good, it smelled good to me. I will have to see how it is.

As for cotton candy, I have the cotton candy by Capella and it just tastes sweet, just not much like cotton candy. I’m just going to use it as a solo flavor and see how it goes.


If you’re lucky they improved it. Mine was purchased near 2 years ago. There’s always a possibility of improvement since then. For your sake I hope so…lol


I will chime in with the rest of the gang the watermelon is da Best ! The rest well there not a total loss…Idk about the mango ever since Ringling threw out the cat piss statement I never could bring myself to go there.

Blueberry - mild use it around 3-5%

Watermelon - I use it all over anywhere from helping other watermelons out to it being the center stage. I tend to use it at 3-5%

Lemon - one of my very favorite lemons super bright and tasty keep it around 1-1.5%

cotton candy - it has been a while I want to say it needed a lil bit more like around 2% but like everyone says be careful it will mute a batch quickly.

I have not used mango or peach sorry. I however adore their SB and their Mocha !


Sooooo… yea. The blueberry and watermelon were good.

Everything else was terrible.

Blueberry has a good taste on inhale, pairs well with something good on exhale.


Hey Ray I just wanted to say that haven’t seen you in a while ! so Hey :wink:


Was sick, got behind, doing taxes, bought a car, working on another, trying to catch up on blending, sitting on my ass dead to the world. Not necessarally in that order, need I say more…lol. Been watching the best I can but got a whole lot going on right now…


I had terrible luck with their stuff… but I find my tastes are often way off what most people think is good :slight_smile:

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That was the first company I ordered from I will say there banana is good.


Banana- Delosi, noted.

And that is why we have these threads.

To bring out the hidden gems :wink:


Yep forgot about the Banana it is very good !

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I found delosi whilst looking for a peach nectar flavor. Anyone here have experience with that one? I really like Adore Eliquids Peach Nectar and looking for something at least that good. Thx

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Ok I can say the Mango is just plain ripe mango. No Cat Pee. :rofl:

So… Finally got to test these properly.

No pro tester here, but I bought these 24 flavors hoping… and am very happy.

If you get the chance these ones blew my socks off.

Cheesecake, Coconut, Pineapple, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Honey, Honeydew

For the full list I bought… notes and tested… is here @ 8% except Menthol 3%