Delosi® Labs Flavors

Anyone use these flavors. I hear you pretty much get the flavor you choose and not some surprise flavor. :ghost::eyes::exploding_head::sob:

I might just give them a try next order. 3ml samples also only 0.97 cents each. They even offer nic.

10% off first order.


There are a lot of threads on delosi.


Do you work for delosi by chance??


No Sorry… just researching :nerd_face:

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@Fishaddict420 Im not affiliated in selling anything related to anything. Heard it from here… I really like these NOTED series they put out. They even list a full description of their experiences with all 21 Raspberry flavors they sample in under the video. Its awesome.


Well every company is going to say that they carry the most “authentic” flavors, how else would it sell lol.

Problem is, that most are made for candy, food, beverages, cosmetic, things you eat, not vaporize. That’s a bit different.

I can only speak about my experience and to be honest I tried only a handful (chocolate coconut, cheesecake, cinnamon sticks, lemonade half and half I believe) unfortunately there was for me nothing authentic about.

It wasn’t horrible but nothing that impressed me overall. Some cheaper vendors, do a better job and even these are not close to being authentic.

But again all of that is subjective, do yourself a favor and look at multiple flavor note sources and don’t base it just on one YouTube show, or group of people, it might back fire lol.


@eStorm Tyvm Yea Ive been bitten b4.


When I started I though t this would be simple. Its a night mare now. Same Flavor in 20 different brands and they all taste different at different percentages. Even the same same flavor can taste different.


I didnt believe the same flavor could taste different to different people or even taste different to me at a different time period. I mean when you buy fruit from the store it pretty much always tastes the same everytime. Not with vaping. Thats something that bewilders me… The Glass Apple recipe on here is great at first after 1 month it tasted like it was fermenting to me, now it tastes normal again. My store bought naked Green Blast use to be my fave then it tasted like Rose Perfume and gagged the heck out of me, now a week later it tastes fine again. Is it me?


You can get tired of a specific flavor or profile. Sometimes it can go quickly, other times it may take a while.

I run 4 - 6 different setups, every atomizer has a different juice, not only in flavor but profile as well. A lot of people do that, it prevents vapors tongue in most cases, as well as not getting tired of it.

However even if you do that, taste changes quite frequently, especially if people are new to vaping or/and switching from commercial to diy or vice versa and many other factors play a role here.

A flavor you might have loved before, becomes all the sudden the most disgusting flavor too you. Sometimes you can fix it with just not vaping that juice a couple months, and sometimes it just can’t be fixed.

A old or new coil, a different tank, so many possibilities that could alter your juice from one day to the other.

But I agree on the statement you made about flavors, too many out there, all taste different and whatever tastes great to you, others might hate etc.

I wouldn’t put so much pressure on it, keep researching, grab a couple flavors that might look good to you and try them, who knows they might be gold too you :slight_smile:

If you stress about it, it’s easily frustrating and can turn into a nightmare. Try to enjoy it, and ask questions, here’s always somebody available to help you out, that’s all I can give as advice. Hope it helps a little.


ty again. Yes you description seems like thats the road im on now also… hate the vape tongue thing :tongue: I never got into dripping much, its too bulky and hard to get mouth only hits even when closing the air intakes. have 2 aspire 2 breezes i like nice 3ml pods, Ive mixed on the fly into the pod and have come up with some pretty likeable but un-recreatable mixes. and i really like refilling juuls. have tons of pods. Something about it… maybe the nice sweet taste of e-jucie I get along with the vape. I just keep going back to it, i love it. lol


Yes it helps alot, just knowing it’s normal. Just never got into the big MOD thing. and whats even more frustrating the same liquid tastes different on all 3 devices. But I have to make it work.