Demystifying the Lost Vape DNA Temp Control

I am taking a stab at this because I have noticed a lot of folks shying away from DNA devices. These are wonderful devices. They can be as complicated as one likes to make them, but it’s not necessary. Especially with Lost Vape mods because they come fully configured e.g. case temperature specifications set correctly and internal resistance set correctly. If you use the wildly popular 316L coils for TC there is no need to enter Escribe.

Three concepts are key:

  1. This is a profile driven device. The device comes with eight profiles. Consider the profile the mode as compared to other devices. Pick your profile first.

  2. Mod Lock is one of two locking states for this device. I have purposely called it “mod lock” to give it a unique mental image. This is where a lot of confusion is introduced even in the manual. Both locking states are similarly named. Mod lock locks everything. No firing, no adjusting.

  3. Adjust lock is the other locking state. Here you are locking only the adjustment buttons. The mod will fire.

To use 316L temp control:

  1. Turn on the mod. (sorry, my little bit of satire)
  2. Put on an atomizer using 316L coils. No satire here. Unless you have a really flaky atty there is no need to lock the resistance with the DNA. In most cases it will read the resistance well, if it get’s confused it will ask you “new or old” coil. Usually it won’t ask.
  3. Enter Adjust Lock. This is done by pressing and holding the up and down/plus and minus adjustment buttons at the same time. You will get a confirmation message. Press either adjustment button twice quickly. The profile you are currently using will display. Use the plus or minus button to cycle through the profiles until you find the SS 316 profile. Press the fire button to put the device into this profile/mode. You will be back at the main operating screen. To unlock the adjustment buttons press and hold both adjustment buttons.
  4. Use the up and down buttons to adjust the temperature as you would like it.
  5. Enter Mod Lock. Press the fire button five times quickly.
  6. Press and hold both the up and down/plus and minus buttons. You will get a confirmation screen and the available wattage will be displayed.
  7. Use the up down/plus minus buttons to adjust the wattage.
  8. Press the fire button to return to the main operating menu.
  9. Press the fire button five times to exit Mod Lock.

That’s it. You’re home and vaping with temperature control. Is it more difficult than most mods? That’s per your perception. My perception is that it was confusing. Unnecessarily confusing.

What about preheat? That’s almost a gimmick with the DNA. Yes the older DNA’s have a preheat with a timer but the available power defines your preheat. When you press the fire button the device will apply the available power. If you are applying a very high wattage this mod can deal with that well. It will apply that power until you reach the desired temperature and then do a very smooth job of keeping you at that temperature. With some other mods you will get pulsating as they struggle limiting the temperature if there is a lot of wattage available. For those mods a preheat is a good idea. And of course some mods claim temperature control and what you get is not the same experience. I digress.


Recently purchased my first DNA mod, Triad, and quickly became frustrated trying to figure out how to make adjustments in temp control. I guess I’m not the only one.

So did I. The triade DNA 250. The imputes for writing this is that I love the mod. Purely for subjective personal reasons. The mod fits my hand perfectly. The last pad of my index finger naturally falls on the fire button. I love the weight. The appearance is rugged enough that I’m ok with carrying it everywhere. I’m not afraid of scratching it. It is not so beautiful that I want to baby it and yet it looks classy. All my atties fit great. If bumped it will slide across most surfaces instead of falling. Very stable sitting on end. Battery door is tight with just enough room a top and bottom to make it easy to pull on and off. Battery life is just about 16 hours for me. Of course, it’s a great vape. Wonderful board. This may sound like a crazy list but these are the factors that draw me to a mod.

There is also a selfish imputes. I learned a long time ago that the best way to learn something was to design and pitch a class on it. Forces one to weed through the confusion.

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I purchased the Triad because I want to like temp control. I have tried temp control on other devices and have always found that I just wasn’t getting a satisfying experience. Once I started to dial in what I like with this board, damn, night and day difference. I still use power mode quite a bit but I can finally say that I understand those that love using temp control.

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There’s a Forum for this too. There are some finer points as you dive a little deeper, but just like Mixing it takes time. Nice work @Walt3, I have two DNA mods I mostly use, but at first look Escribe software borders on scary. In the end tho it truly does allow you to set your Vape juuuust right …for YOU! Enjoy!

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That sounds like programming a VCR and I’m not sure I can do that.

lmao. Seriously. I hate trying to program VCR’s They always timeout before I get to where I need to be. You really can do this. Should you decide to try an DNA, just remember there are two ways to lock the device. From there it’s a piece of cake.

It’s gotta be idiot proof and I cant let my husband know I’m buying a new mod… ha!

OMG, now that is hilarious. It’s the opposite in our household. The one saving grace is that my wife simply doesn’t want to know. Lol, I can honor that.

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Great explanation! Very helpful.

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