Density of Vg and Vg nic

Hey guys! Hope y’all are doing well, just had a question for the community. Does regular VG have the same density as VG with nic? In other words 15ml of VG is about 20 grams, would those numbers be the same for VG with nic in it? Thanks a lot guys, any help would be appreciated (:

Nicotine 1.01g/ml and Pure VG weights 1.26g/ml so no it will be a little less.

I saved this from the liquid barn >


1.260g per ml vg
1.235g per ml for 100mg/ml vg based nic

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Say I want to do 15ml of 6mg vg nic. How many grams would that be

Are you talking about your end mix? It is going to depend on the strength of you Nic solution

The nicotine strength is 6mg vg nic. I just wanna know the weight of that in grams for 15ml worth

18.75g if my maths is right

.6 x 1.01 = .606 grams.
14.4 x 1.26 = 18.144 grams.

.606 + 18.144 = 18.75g

So 15ml of 6mg nic suspended in Vg is 18.75? And how did you come up with that number? I’m not questioning your knowledge or anything, just wanna understand it.

The maths is there 6mg is .6 ml of pure nic at specific gravity of 1.01g per ml and 14.4 ml of vg at specific gravity of 1.26 multiply it out and add the 2 together

now i am second guessing my self one tic while i double check

My bad i did make a blue i am sorry

Work it out with a weight of 100 ml of vg nic(for ease)

This will contain .6 ml of 100% nic with a weigth of .606g
It will also contain 99.4 ml of VG with a weight of 125.244g

.606 + 125.244 = 125.85g per 100ml or 1.2585g per ml

1.2585 *15 = 18.77g

tbh the calculator on the recipe site is the easier method

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btw I think I just seen that weight chart over at Liquid Barn website.

Yup that was it cheers