Determining flavors

I am not new to Vaping but newer to DIY. I tried it several years ago mostly with tobacco mixes with very mixed results. I’ve grown to really prefer melony/fruity/sweet vapes so I’m getting back into DIY. First let me say this website is a Godsend!!
Second let me say I am just amazed at some of the combinations you guys come up with. In my mind if you want a watermelon vape you ad watermelon flavor and there you go. I am finding out though ‘Not So Much’. It is the subtleties some of you come up with that amaze me. I don’t think I could ever concoct some of the great tasting recipes a lot of you have on my own.

Thanks again for all the recipes and I will always be in awe.



This site has some great resources on it if you look around on the forum a little you can get some good ideas for flavor pairing and lots of other great tips and tricks. @JoJo compiled this topic with lots of links and helpful information.


This is anothe good link to some flavor pairing information

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I will tell you a secret. Use food recipes as your inspiration. A site like has a lot of inspiration in the dessert section. You just have to do a little research and find flavors that fit into the recipe.

Take @DarthVapor for example. He is an amazing chef, and he makes amazing e-juice recipes because he knows how to put flavors together. I think having the experience of a chef makes for the best e-juice chef. A lot of that can be learned. Some of it is built-in talent.

A lot of my creations are based on my love of cooking as well. I am not a chef, and I’m not a pro at coming up with e-juice recipes by any means. But I know my background in the kitchen helps. I have some juices that I love. And I have some that have flopped. But I don’t buy retail juice any more unless someone tells me about a flavor that is really good. So I buy it to see if it will give me ideas for my own recipes. I have friends that don’t buy retail any more either. And all of that is from what I have learned on this site. Everything you need is right here if you take the time to look around.

So go check out some dessert recipes and you will be amazed at how much easier it is to come up with some of your own flavors that you enjoy.


Herein lies my issue. As far as cooking goes I do good to make a grilled cheese…lol. Thanks God my wife is a phenomenal cook. It is the nuances that I have issues with. For example there was a restaurant here in town that had absolutely the best chicken salad I have ever had. Low and behold the chicken salad had sliced GRAPES in it…who thinks of this stuff…I mean seriously…how would anyone even think of doing that. It tasted wonderful but I would have never thought of that in a million years.

I will experiment some and see what I can do but I think for the most part I will be relegated to using the recipes (Some are absolutely awesome) that the real vape chef’s come up with.

Keep up the good work guys and gals!!!



Then it sounds to me like you have a very good resource right at home. Get your wife involved. Even if she doesn’t vape she could probably give you some very good guidance at coming up with your own recipes. And she just might enjoy it. Most chefs love compliments on their cooking. Same holds true for e-juice chefs. That is the reason I enjoy making my own liquids. My friends love it. It’s pretty rewarding to hear the compliments when you make them something they like.

I had some similar chicken salad at a restaurant where I used to live. It had apples and grapes in it. Arby’s has a really good chicken salad sandwich with grapes in it also. It is fairly common. It is just like how well ham and pineapple go together. I have even gone so far as to grill up some fresh pineapple slices and made a toasted ham sandwich with the grilled pineapple slices on top. It is quite yummy. But it’s not just the flavors when it comes to cooking. You need texture. Like crunchy with soft. Banana Cream Pudding is a fine example. Crunchy cookies in soft Bananas and pudding.

That same kinda texture is mimicked in vaping. The use of cookie flavors and pie crust all sort of add to the texture of the vape. And like I said, you don’t really have to be a good cook to be able to make something delicious. It’s just like the movie Ratatouille. Follow the recipe. But if you want to get creative you adapt it by changing some flavors to your liking.

Take this recipe for example…
Strawberry Jogurt :

1.33% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
0.67% Blackcurrant (FA)
8% Greek Yogurt (TPA)
0.5% Strawberry (MF)

Flavor total: 10.5%
Remember to rate it at:

You could easily adapt that and replace the strawberry flavor with blueberries. Or replace the blackcurrant with Banana. Each will give you a completely different taste. You just have to look at the flavor you want to add to the recipe and see where others use it and at what percentage. Which makes it pretty easy to find a good place to start with any flavor.


Thanks for the input @LordVapor and for the recipe. I will order some of the flavors when I place my next order. I am one of the odd ones who hasn’t really developed a taste for the creams or custards but I find them ok. I’m really into the fruity sweet type of vapes. Just this evening I had a friend who asked me if I could make him a BOOSTED clone type of recipe so I’m going to give it a try and will be ordering some of the creamy type of flavors. I have found no less than a dozen recipes on here for it. I am also trying to lock down a commercial melon flavor (Melon Head) that I absolutely love and have real close right now…just missing a few nuances.



I just posted that recipe as an example. When you search for recipes, over on the right you will see the word “Rating” in blue text. Click that to bring the most highly rated recipes to the top. That should get you a good Boosted recipe to try to make.

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Comes with experience and research… But your absolutely right nothing is really one stop or ejuice companies would be screwed… These flavors may change over time but generally can only deliver a single flavor… Nothing you eat is really a single flavor… Grilled cheese, did you use butter? Did you butter bot sides of the bread? American? Swiss? Cheddar? Nothing is one single flavor but a complex mix, why you’ll usually always see multiple fruits to make just one
And for the record, I just made the ultimate grilled cheese, American, mild cheddar, and a spreadable cheddar (the Swiss colony) and that shhtuff was no short of amazing… There is no ‘simple’ with cooking or mixing, I can cook waayy better than I can mix haha

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If you don’t have it already, I would recomend you get a bottle of Wild Melon from Flavorah. It is very concentrated so it only take a little in a recipe and it tastes like really ripe honeydew melon to me.