Diablo loco

Does anybody know where to buy DIABLO LOCO ?
(The original from decadent vapours)

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plenty of places have it if you google it.


Did you google yourself?
Decadent Vapours doesn’t seem to have it themselves anymore

Link on this page goes tot 404 error

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Really makes me wonder what on earth you’re planning to do with that. Putting such a liquid in someone’s else’s tank as a prank is not funny, not to mention you could send someone to hospital and ruin a costly atty with it in the process.

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I have been using it for years, just a drop in a bottle. It is a nice twist.
Unfortunately I soon run out, and I cannot find it anywhere in the world :weary:

I have googled, there is a lot of videos, but no where to bye it :tired_face:

The link you have given me is:
The Department of Hullabaloo, with His Lordship’s assistance, have been making rather a lot of changes to the website recently; in the hope that they can make your journey around the website an easier experience.

It looks like this page has moved. But never fear, it won’t have gone far! You will find a full list of product categories below.

Maybe contact them directly and ask if they still sell it.
I know some companies make some juices that are only available on request because there’s generally speaking no demand for them.

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Thanks. I have tried to write them an email. (but they newer vent back)
i´m gonna try again.

tel +44 (0)1792 897103

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Is tried the link a few days ago, and I have sendt dem a ordinary email, så I think I´m gonna call them (there is not much response)
But THANKS again

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Sounds like simple capsaicin to me. Several vendors sell it, like solubarome in France.
Should not be too hard to find a replacement.

Experiment with caution and do not touch your eyes/ears/genitals after handling the stuff. I tried with the ears, it is extremely unpleasant.

I will take a look. Thanks


THANKS. Now have have placed an order :wink:

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Did I mention the washing your hands bit :slight_smile:

From the description of both products, I suspect the solubarome additive is less concentrated. Still, start low, their descriptions are a bit hit and miss in terms of dosage.

I love DV, but this one might be a bit too much, got me own Habaneros and ghost’s in my garden… thank you :joy::sweat:

I have been using diablo loco for some years and I have learned the lesson.
It burns like he…

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