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Did I Mess Up?

Okay, guys… I THINK I’m okay, but I MIGHT’VE messed up… I noticed that I was REALLY low on nicotine the other day, and stumbled onto this stupid “Vape Mail Ban”, I had NO idea, and I’ll bet there’s a LOT of people who didn’t, but effectively it’s now illegal to buy nicotine online, or to ship it… So, I was screwed… I went on Liquid Barn’s site where I’ve always gotten my nicotine, and of course they’re not selling it anymore… I posted about on here, and someone was nice enough to turn me on to My Freedom Smoke’s website and I WAS able to buy some nicotine… But, it’s obviously NOT what I usually use… I usually buy the 100mg, 10% nicotine solution from LB, and when I was browsing on MFS’ site what THEY had was listed as “UnFlavored Nicotine E-Liquid Base”… Which is usually a VERY different thing than nicotine solution…I think of “Unflavored E-Liquid Base” as pre-mixed VG and PG WITH nicotine at 3mg, 6mg, etc… But evidently this stuff is supposed to be 100% PG with a nicotine level of 100 mgs…

So, did I goof up, y’all? Or can I use this stuff just like my Liquid Barn nicotine solution? Or is it somethin different than what I’m used to?

I included a pic… The NEW stuff is on the left, and my ol’ dependable LB solution in on the right…


Its is the Same as the CNT just different Nicotine…Use it like you used the CNT …


The MFS 100mg/ml of 500ml’s is a 10% nicotine solution. You bought the same strength nicotine (base) solution strength you mentioned previously buying from LB, it is just MFS brand (what ever they carry). Their nicotine is good, nothing to worry about here. Glad you were able to procure before it gets close to impossible to have shipped. BTW, the USPS ban on shipping has not taken effect yet, they have postponed implementation but it could happen any day now.