Did someone say introductions are in order and 1st epic fail

I’m moresalt and I’ve been vaping for right at 3 years. In fact I think today might even be the day I satrted. i’ve done all the hardware stuff, built mods, wrap coils,etc. I recently decided that paying $0.60 per ml is nuts and started mixing my own single flavor juices. These seemed easy enough so why not attempt something less mundane. After reading this forum and spending an additional boat load of money I finally attempted my first multi-flavor mix.

I was trying to mix somethin akin to GLV Newminster 23. What I produced missed the mark somewhat. If you think of 1 well used sock, mix in the world section of the USA today thoroughly wet, anlong with say a quart of used motor oil, you’d get the gist of the enticing juice to await me. Needless to say, I dumped it rather…uh, quickly. I’m not discouraged though, as I just finished mixing my second batch of motor oil infused…socks. Well, maybe this one won’t be so bad. I still have hope. Its steeps as I speak. Anyway, wish me luck and I can only hope that I can become half as proficient as some of y’all.


Why don’t you show us your recipe., perhaps we can help…


Try following some recipies at first, get comfortable and then get creative.


Welcome! Bad mixes happen to all of us. Practice makes progress! Let us know if we can help in any way and we will certainly do our best!


I used the recipe from here for Newminster 23. So, I did try a “known” recipe. Did I execute it correctly? That part is uncertain and most probably the root cause. I was certainly more attentive on my second…er third attempt. Ok, I admit it…on the second attempt I made a bonehead mistake which I’d rather just learn the lesson and move on. The lesson? keep only those flavors which belong in this recipe at hand.

I wasn’t really looking for help, although I do appreciate the offer. Now, to figure out how to post this recipe. it was adapted from a recipe from Vipod just to get the correct values for 36mg nic base as opposed to 100mg nic.


OK, here’s your recipe. That is if you did not change the desired Nicotine Value. My thoughts after looking at the recipe…

1: 25.5% flavor is a bit too much
2: The choice of flavors is lacking. TPA tobaccos are not too good in my opinion. I have this one and do not like it. TPA Brandy is rated well. TPA Blackberry on the other hand has a poor rating and I heard people here on ELR say it’s not very good. Using EM or Ethyl Maltol or Cotton Candy (all the same) is a no no since it will mute other flavors. Most of us use Marshmallow instead.
3: Tobaccos need at least a 2 week steep but 1 full month would be better. If you are blending this recipe and not steeping then trying it right away then it surely will not taste good.

To talk to someone with a lot of experience blending tobacco flavors and who knows the better tobacco concentrates talk to @Kinnikinnick … Also check out this thread…

Hope there something you can use here. Good luck…


This is the reason for the Recommended Flavors thread.

I hoped it would get more attention from inexperienced mixers and guide them to better flavor purchases and research. Far too many new mixer load up on TPA and hope for a good outcome. This road get traveled much too often.


Welcome @Moresalt! :wink:

Well, you started your DIY journey off in the proper manner with doing single flavor mixes! It’s good to experience exactly what each flavor tastes like by itself. :grinning:

Most folks will tell you to explore a flavor, in single flavor mixes, at varying percentages to see how much or little to use in a mix. You’ll hear this a thousand times…“taste is subjective”. What’s great for you at 8% may taste ghastly to me at 2%. So, take following recipes of others with a grain of salt, until you figure out what each flavors percentage is good for you. :wink:

As far as what vendors flavor to purchase, every vendor makes some flavors that some folks love and some folks wouldn’t give to their worst enemy! You might want to take a gander at this thread as well:

Again, there might actually be some flavors here that some folks love, but, hey, taste is subjective!

On a side note, you don’t have to spend a fortune on flavors; I’ve never paid more than $4.50 for a 10ml bottle of flavoring. You can DIY your own juice and not break the bank! There are plenty of tasty flavorings out there for well under $4. :grinning:


Thanks, that does help. Yup, that’s the one…adapted from a recipe from @Vipod, as I said earlier. However, it has raised more questions.

  1. How do you post this recipe in such a nice format. I don’t see the “copy as…” Selection under the blue wrench like the howto says. Maybe 'cause I’m on a ipad?
  2. The flavor percentages were as in the original recipe and my first impression was also that the percentages were high but then again I’m a noob so what do I know. But to the question…do you use marshmellow at the same percentages as EM generally?
  3. Is EM alway verboten? Or is that just a general rule of thumb…use marshmellow first and if that didn’t cut it… Or maybe I should just dump the EM altogether?

I think that subsequent attempts I used the FA blackberry & FA Brandy, but still used EM. And Inawera turkish tobacco…I know! That didn’t work. Let’s change a dozen or more things so we have no idea why this one worked. :slightly_smiling:
I’m a retired software engineer so I should know better to change 1 thing at a time. Doesn’t mean I do it all the time…er, ever.

@Pro_Vapes, thanks. I had not seen that thread yet and I will certainly check it out. My particular approach was to look at various recipes and select flavors from the vendors of those recipes. At the moment I have blackberry from 4 different vendors, TPA, LA, CAP, & FA. I did that with a few other flavors as well. I’d be willing to bet that this thread would have saved some money, but what the heck…can’t take it with me.

@Kinnikinnick, thanks. One mistake that I made was not going far enough with the single flavors, maybe. And I probably didn’t steep this one long enough although…no, probably not long enough. I only let it sit a week. I learned the benefits of steeping when I first started vaping 3yrs ago. I bought an RY4 and it tasted like dirt. 2 months later it was like wow, this is good! So, it seems that I just needed to learn that lesson again. I promise, I am trainable…just ask my wife…no, on second thought better not.


Unfortunately the only way to get the complete recipe is to do a screen capture. I run Firefox and for the Screen Capture I use the plugin Nimbus Screenshot. I then post the pic. If only the flavors will do then you click the blue wrench and then Copy as HTML (text). You then paste it in your comment…

I use Marshmallow with a usual limit of 2% so if the recipe calls for up to 2% then yes, that is what I would do. Be aware that people are usually trying to sweeten when they use EM. Marshmallow gives a very nice mouth feel but only sweetens a little. If you like a lot of sweet you would have to go elsewhere. Also be aware that sometimes people use EM to purposely tone down strong flavors but I’m guessing you would see very little of that here.

EM has it’s place, but you need to be shooting for a Cotton Candy flavor of some sort if you want to use it. Don’t use it for sweetening. Some people use caramel, sucralose, stevia. and stuff like that. I personally feel the less use of sweeteners the better. People complain of after taste with stevia or sucralose and to top it off any sweet flavor you might use to make your mix a little sweeter will contain EM or at least Maltol in it including marshmallow. The last thing you want to do is add more EM…


Isn’t EM, Sucralose - at 5% or 10%? Does it have much more of an effect than sucralose alone? Thanks. @ringling

Sucralose is splenda, not EM. Em is Cotton Candy though. EM does mute flavor. I honestly don’t know the effects on juice with sucralose since I have never used it. Sorry…