Did you see this?

What are your thoughts ?


A lot of thoughts. Too many to try to type down on a forum. Adolescents are often drawn to things that have risk. I’m sure somehow that’s linked to transitioning into adulthood. I think it would be myopic to try to ban everything that might be dangerous to adolescents and I’m positive it would only make those things more appealing. On a personal level, I do wish they would stay away from it only because it feeds those who believe in banning and gives them faux argument to purport their stance. Of all the risky things these adolescents could get involved with, nicotine is the least harmful. Having said all that, I wish I could have had 20/20 hind sight and never got addicted. But that simply isn’t the way it works, is it.


Californian here and I’m outraged that my tax money is being spent so foolishly.
I have let them know my point of view starting with my Senators and Reps. We vapers are a minority and easily fall victim to untruths and Big Tobacco interests/ANTZ = Anti Nicotine and Tobacco Zealots etc.
Not giving up the fight, that’s when they win.


Be honest haven’t watched the video , but honestly when it comes to teens they will try anything . That they aren’t supposed to do. Part of those rebellious teenage traits.

Not to long ago had teens dying from household cleaners. Still see those on the market.

To date I don’t think vaping has killed anyone.

Just BT don’t like vaping…

Edit : and teens still smoke cigs. I started smoking cigs when I was 13


Like anything else cig, drugs, alcohol, we can not shield kids from everything. I started smoking at 13 as well. Some kids will try things regardless or whether or not its legal. I can’t for the life of me understand why vaping is targeted yet cigs and alcohol would never be… too much money in it for the gov’t

Parents need to stay actively involved. Unfortunately many parents make it so their children are afraid to talk about things.

Schools these days are very good on anti smoke/drug campaign and it’s fantastic. My kids were very outgoing but very anti drug/smoking. We had drinking episodes, but never anything major. GUIDANCE is the key not banning shit imo


Thank God they aren’t smoking or worse yet using drugs.
I would hate for them to be pressured into the same things I did as a teen.


I haven’t checked sources, but if it’s true that teen smoking is down dramatically, as the mantra goes, then vape on, you teens! I started smoking at age 11, started buying my own packs at 12, got drunk for the first time at 14… If vaping is all they are doing illicitly underage, and can still play 3 sports and be a good student, then they are waaaay better off than I was in '87-'92.
Also, I don’t trust the stillblowingsmoke campaign to have presented this honestly. These ‘real teens’ hit on too many common talking points to not have been fed a well-crafted script. I also can’t imagine a real company in the vaping arena would sponsor a middle school or middle-teenaged kid for their YouTube channel. I’d like to see the facts on that.
Of course, I don’t condone teen vaping or marketing to them. But if they are going to pick up smokes otherwise, yes, the alternative is highly preferred.


My thoughts exactly.