Difference between MTL .recipes and DL recipes?

what is the difference between MTL recipies and DL recipies??


MTL recipes are usually 50/50 VG PG with higher nic. 12mg and up depending if it’s freebase nic or salt nic.

DL is usually 70/30 or 60/40 VG PG with freebase nic

At least that’s how I make them.


@ladycrooks, @MisterSinner covered it pretty well. I mix my MTL 50/50 to 70/30, and high NIC as well. Many times (not all) I have to boost the flavor 25-30% higher for MTL.


My MTL mixes are all 70/30 to 80/20 VG/PG as I use RTA’s that will draw at that ratio.

My recipes are usually a little higher in flavour than a DL one, but that also depends on the flavouring company and the RTA it will be used in.

Don’t confuse pods with MTL, there are a lot of MTL tanks and RBA/RTA’s that are using sub ohm coils and higher wattage. Some of us just prefer the MTL action rather than the DL one and don’t use high NIC in the mix, I am personally on 1 - 1.5 mg in mine.


70/30 usually works for me across the board and it’s no wonder that it’s a common blend in commercial juices for that reason. If I raise the PG for an MTL I find that I don’t necessarily have to raise the flavor because PG is a flavor carrier and seems to do the trick most times.


so I vape always have lower nic 3mg usually 70/30 is my go to commercial # but lately its almost like the pg is too much and my lips are on fire :fire: and DL it’s just the way I started and wouldn’t be comfortable vaping MTL it would feel too constricted after being the other way for 5 months now.


Maybe you have a PG sensitivity?

Teehee, that’s what I said. Way back I had friends who were into MTL and they were intriguing me with all their Kayfun, Taifun, Doggystyle, etc. conversations so I finally decided to give it a go. Afterall, once upon a time I used a Nautilus and similar tanks. It was weird at first but the more I used it the more I got into it. Now I vape hybrid switching back and forth depending on my mood. Also, there’s nothing like a good MTL with a tobacco vape which I enjoy as well. Everyone’s got their own vape style and then some. Some folks don’t have much of a choice if sensitive to PG and need to vape max VG. You’re not going to get max vg through a tight MTL juice flow very well. But I can use 70/30 in my Kayfuns no problem.


I have been having a huge issue with my PG at 30 and VG at 70 when commercial juices I never had before. I wonder why mine seem so harsh? Maybe I should try max vg to see what its like. Even 25 to 75 im still choking…


I do some mixes as max VG and they are a lot smoother for me. The flavour ends up a little muted though so be aware of that. :slight_smile: