Different Atomizers/Coil Builds Bring Out Different Flavors?

Has any of you noticed this? I have a flavor I buy alot from a LVS. It’s called Berry Melon. I am pretty much burned out on it now. But I vaped a lot of it. Depending on what rig I was running it tasted like Strawberry, Cotton Candy, or sometimes had a tart flavor. It’s fairly sweet. I always assumed the Melon in the name was for Watermelon. Then when my TFV4 arrived yesterday I put the quad coil in. The Canteloupe I had never noticed before was there. So by pure accident I think I figured out the recipe.

What is you goto setup for analyzing a liquid?


I do a lot of taste testing on standard builds.

0.2-0.4ohms Nichrome80 builds.


I will be setting up a tasting dripper with a Ti build for taste testing in the near future.

If a recipe drips ok then I tank the remainder on a Super Sub Ti build in the TFV4.

I tend to make 30ml new mixes rather than 10mls as it tends to give me a better time with the new recipe to work out kinks etc.

10mls the way I vape would be gone in about an hour if I’m at home.


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this is so true the vaporesso ceramic works the best i feel

I have had different flavors from different coil materials, different coil builds, different wattage settings on my device. I have stopped vaping on nickel, to me it was allowing certain flavors to come out over other coil materials. Maybe its just me but yea I hear ya. I have had different flavors too from different RDA’s . My goon and goon clone even, not to an extreme but somewhat noticeable. I think that one had to deal with air flow. As an example my buddy had a pen with Mt dew. Tasted great went to the vape shop grabbed a bottle threw it in my tfv8 and it was disgusting, tried all sorts of wattage settings to no avail. Didn’t try to make a new coil as I no longer cared.
My go to for testing is my goon RDA with a ni80 .09 stapled fused Clapton at 150w. Tastes about the same amongst other devices and tanks tried in… tfv8 same coil setup though some time the v8-t8 prebuilt A1 coil, goon clone random ss coil, tfv8 baby beast prebuilt A1 coil(last one is a buddies)

Ive done exactly the same with a melon mix,the flavours were so pronounced it was like they were directly behind each other just waiting to be tasted.that was the baby beast tank on a smok o sub 80.unbeleivable flavour and taste.

Just noticed. If I throw my tfv8 on my relueax dna200 and then on my smoke g priv at same wattage and liquid I get different hit/ flavor… to me anyways mod makes a difference… just a recent observation

Ive tried many builds to see which might give the best flavor. For me personally, Helix wire gives great flavors and, as with all builds, the gauges used will, of course, give different resistances and flavor. I prefer my vape at around .3 to .5ohms and I always use kanthal. Ive tried nichrome 80, and the temp control wires but I do not feel like Im getting a solid hit off of them. To me, its like going to a light cigarette from a regular, if I were still smoking (vaping got me off the ciggys finally). The RDA/RTA will also vary the flavor. I use many different RDAs but for tanks, I only use 2. The Griffin 25 Plus and the Wismec Cylin (This is best used as a single coil tank). I hope this helps.