Different drops for each bottle option

Sometimes I mix by drops directly from the flavors bottles, this is an awesome feature the problem is that not all bottles make the same amount, it would be nice when we add flavors in the flavor stash we could add drops for each flavor, so when I make a recipe each one of the flavors have their own drop values.

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@Quakas; I’ve been where you are when I was mixing by volume. It was a laborious process keeping the different per ml drops from different bottles and droppers straight when mixing. My suggestion is mix by weight (grams). I’ve invited you to join a post regarding this topic. If the invite didn’t happen properly, here’s a link that will take you there.

You will find using a scale to mix your juice is a breeze!


Thanx Jimk for the time I have no scale until then I sometimes mix by drops, still think that this would be an nice feature, although the digital scale is on my next buying list :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Until recently I only mixed 30 ml bottles or very small test batches…that’s it. Now I find that I will make test batches and when I hit something I like…100 ml batches. I find at this volume one doesn’t need to be so pinpoint accurate and therefore I use a graduated cylinder to mix my flavoring. It’s only a 10 ml one and so most of the time I’m having to use it more than once per batch. But with the markings on it down to 0.1 ml, I find with a pipette I can get my volume of concentrate measured out quickly with little to no waste. Also, inserting the pipette into the cylinder prevents it from hitting the sides of the cylinder which will cause you to add more than you intended. I may get a scale one day though if for no other reason than having something new to tinker with :smile:


…when you do, the clouds will part!


I was resisting the scale for many months. I now regret - a lot of wasted time and flavourings! If you are low on budget, get these scales. Really cheap with good enough precision. I use them now every time!


Best place I’ve ever dealt with www.oldwillknottscales.com they have amazing customer service. I picked up a beast of a scale 1kg cap and .01 res from them. Due to a typo on their page I ordered the wrong cal weight and the feet were funky on the scale. I called them up and told them my issues. Within 15mins they had issued my rma and in aprox 1 week I had my scale and correct weight back. As I told them I’d be hella pissed if they didn’t have such amazing customer service. They carry everything from letter scales all the way to analytical mg scales.