Different syringes?

Hi guys. New to the site. Can you use the same syringe for diffrent flavours, even though they will be mixed into one liquid. Thanks

Depends on how heavy a flavour it is I suppose but I always use a glass of water to clean it out after every flavour. If I was using say a menthol I would use different syringes so I don’t get menthol into everything.

Im mixing starwberr, peach and apple with each other.

At the very least I would be “washing out” the syringe using a cup of water sitting beside you. I usually give it 4 or 5 fills of water between every flavour and shake the residual water out. Some others may have other ways.

Ok thank you

Hey @Iwan, welcome to ELR!!
Yep, this is what I do too. I have an empty glass next to the water to empty the syringe into. Then I give the syringe about a dozen vigorous pumps to remove the remaining water & then I dry the needle. The last thing you want is contaminated flavors!.. or un-distilled water in your mix (it can contain microbes & bacteria not good for our lungs. Obviously, a good way around this is to use distilled water to clean your syringe).

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Great point. I use boiled water (through a filtered tap) (and cooled slightly) for mine although I don’t know if that would be as good as distilled.

That oughta do the job!!

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Before I switched to scales I’d dedicate a syringe to a type of flavor (you can get a box of 100 from Amazon for less than $10). 1 for strawberries, 1 for creams, 1 for peaches, etc. It was a hassle, but less so than flavor contamination or constantly cleaning syringes!

But scales are so much less work if your flavors are in dropper bottles.


I use these Glass syringes for my concentrates. I have a couple of each 1ml, 2ml, 5ml etc for mixing purposes.

I take the barrel out line up all my concentrates opened for that mix and drip them in to the barrel part of the syringe for the desired quantity then just pick up the next concentrate and do the same till the recipe is done then transfer to to the bottle (always make sure the point of the syringe is held flat to the working surface so it doesn’t leak out the bottom, till you transfer it to the mixing bottle, putting the plunger back in to squeeze the mix out).Depending on the size of the mix bottle and % of recipe the 3 smaller sizes mainly cover my needs. I can add all the ingredients into one syringe and transfer to the bottle with no spillage, then just add base to it…i.e. <10% total flavour(s) in a 10ml finished quantity mix only needs the 1ml syringe. >10% use the 2 ml syringe.

Easy to clean them afterwards in hot water as they come apart and dry off with a lint free paper and move onto the next recipe.

No need to contaminate your flavours with blunt needles and get crossover flavours like with the plastic ones, via this method I find. May take a little practice, but once you get used to how hard to squeeze the plastic concentrate bottles, mistakes shouldn’t happen very often


I am slowly progressing to putting my flavorings into 1 oz glass bottles with Poly Cone caps. I have a dozen or so glass eye droppers I use for dispensing flavors. Using a scale there is no need for syringes. And you don’t even need to go as far as I am. You can just dispense from the dropper bottles the flavorings come in. Syringes to me are far too messy, and require too much cleanup. When I did use syringes I used a different one for each flavor. Especially if using plastic syringes. Chemicals will leech into plastic and you can never remove it. Having over 240 flavors, I don’t desire to keep 240+ syringes on hand. I know in the short amount of time they are in contact with the flavorings, not much will leech into the plastic. But for the purpose of remaining extremely consistent you are best to avoid any cross-contamination if possible. Which is why I have decided to move to an all glass setup for my flavorings. @bluenose63’s solution would be my choice if I were to use syringes.

Have a lookie at some of these threads and see if we can convince you to switch to mixing by weight :wink: If you do like LordVapor said and just drip straight from the flavoring bottle, it’s super easy and clean up is a breeze. No syringes to worry about.

Yup the best thing to do is ditch the syringes today and get a scale. You can get this one for $17 shipped. Syringes are a huge pain in the ass.


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