Different tastes

My daughter (36yrs old) quit cigs switched to vaping. She was mixing pre-mixed flavors. When she found out I was mixing my own juice she asked me to mix hers I said sure send the flavor you are vaping. She sent a list Menthol, French Vanila, Cherry Extract, Mild Black. She loves it. After about a month I thought I would try. Omg its awful. As long as she stays off cigs I’ll make any flavor she wants.


I’m pretty sure that with the passing of time her tastebuds will recover from all that smoking and her taste in juices will change :grinning: I found a recipe for a juice I made when I just started vaping and just looking at it made me shudder :sweat_smile:


My kids are truckers and they come through my part of the US about every 3-6 months. I take flavor orders from them and make them vapor by the bucket of anything they want for the very same reason. It also saves them a lot of money and gives them better stuff they can get in the Travel Centers.