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Different vape giving different taste

Hey everyone.
My wife and I want to know why when we are both vaping the exact same mix, we are getting completely different tastes.
I use the Geek Vape Obelisk 120 which has the Geek Vape Z Sub Ohm Tank (Zeus Tank) and Melanie uses the Innokin Z50 W/Zlide MTL tank.
What we do know is that our vapes are completely different in the way they deliver, but hers gives a chemical kind of taste nearly everytime but when she uses mine she gets the flavour/taste she is supposed too get.
Hope someone can help

Kyle and Mel


The Z is a mesh tank, mesh tastes different to regular wire as it heats differently, some say the fruits pop more and bakeries can be subdued… The temperature achieved (and therefore taste) also is not controlled by wattage alone. The flavours you are putting into most of the mixes are actually designed for food, and just like food, will change flavour at different temperatures, so using two different mods, with 2 different tanks with two different coil types and two different vape styles is certainly going to require a different mix of juice as they will actually be vaporising at wildly differing temperatures.

If you are using wildly different devices you may find you cannot simply vape the same juice. Low wattage MTL vapers will usually find lower VG mixes with a higher nic and flavour content is required to achieve a similar taste - afraid you are not going to be able to find a juice you both like and just mix that if your devices and coils are so wildly different. You may have to experiment with the mix you found to find a balance that suits you both, or mix two differing stengths and VG/PG ratios, and do bear in mind (rawr), pods simply cannot produce the same flavour most sub ohm tanks can (well, 99% of the time anyway).


I vape MTL and I can put the same mix in three different RTA’s (same brand RTA with similar builds) and get a different taste out of each one. There are so many variables.


Exactly right. Shape and size of the chamber, under deck air flow size, so many variables. If they were all the same there would be no point to the million tanks that come out!


I probably got the answer.
Even if you use the exact same mod and same liquid, women tend to taste things a lot different from men, it’s physical, they have to protect their offspring, I did a deep study on vaper’s tongue, how we taste vape and things like that.

Did you know that their tongue papillae also change with age? When they get older they loose (change) some characteristics, like bitterness, sour and things like that.
They were the first to taste things first before giving it to their children to avoid giving them things that might hurt them and mother nature kept it that way.
So expect berries, chemicals, burnt notes to be enhanced or different it’s just the way it has to be.


Everyone above have great points. All spot on. I have a worse one (it’s like my job here) I have a Zeus mesh tank and I was getting that flavor you know it’s time to re-wick …but it was a much shorter time than predicted. Upon inspection I found …er, like some food had found it’s way on top of my mesh and left a visible (but small) chunk of crustiness …not from vape liquid. Maybe something dropped off my mustache. I know, sorry, but in her case was it with new Innokin coils?

Contamination …even just handling your cotton with unclean hands, can deliver off flavors. @Iv3shf provided a scientific answer, but proof being she can get the expected flavor from your setup. The other opinions hold weight where the precise manner in which something gets vaporized can deliver a different chemical gaseous chromatography to your sensor array (read: tongue/nose). By boosting or limiting a key ingredient (temp?) …say Sucralose (which is great at covering up a multitude of DIY sins)


Oh, the other thing may the coil material. The Zlide uses Kanthal (PLEX3D 3D Mesh Coil) and I sometimes get a chemical type note from Kanthal which is why I went to RTA’s and SS316L wire… I also get a metallic taste from Ni80 coils.


That’s absolutely correct and its how they pack so much flavor into say a juul or disposable at 9 Watts since their one straight forward flavor they prob use 25% or higher and as far as mesh rtas go i do notice they like nice bright fruits usually and bakeries in my DoomX I’ll pick up layers of my concentrates used but seems less sweet as compared to the zues, profile m and even kylin m, tho that might because its bottom airflow…even still, all set to 60 Watts I get more coconut and heavier middle but the doom x I seem to pickup the creams and the middle bakery notes (layers) and the zues I gotta say I get a little bit of everything just maybe not layered but very good.The kylin m stays true to mesh where the Guava-watermelon recipie is outstanding but bakery notes I really gotta put my own stainless steel vandy vape mesh at lower ohms than the precut mesh offer and push those watts up to 70w or more but its a great little well built tank.Every tank is diff and every strip is diff from each company but overall the simplicity,cooler vape,cheap to run but still nice crackling clouds n flavor I gotta say I’m perfectly happy in mesh land after alternating all the diff clapton aliens n flat wires and fussing with placement and wicking issues here and there i only use coils now when testing my DIY juice for final product but I’m so not done with coils just taking a wire break for awhile :joy: but I know what your whole point was for sure and I’m glad you pointed out these crucial points for whatever you choose to vape.My Gfs pods I have to use less intriquit recipies and punch in that main profile flavor but its obviously a bit fuller flavor than the disposables but I shelved my novos n caliburns for emergency use only.In fact I couldn’t find an all day vape on those like my Gf did since she likes a simple mint menthol and sweet lol.you get what I’m saying