Different Wattages, Joules, Ohms Changes Flavors

I have noticed that I can put certain liquids in multiple devices and get different flavors based not only on the fevice, but the build. I notice this even more on FA’s Chocolate and Cocoa.

On my Sigelei 150w I have a Velocity running dual Kanthal Claptons at .2 ohm and vaping at 90w. The recipe in this is my Twixted Bliss recipe. All of the flavors are there and it is pretty amazing.

On my iPV D2 I have my Crown running a single 22awg Ti build at .08ohm and vaping at 350° and 40J. I have the same recipe in this device. I have played with the temp and the Joules and have noticed a drastic difference in the flavors. Anywhere from burnt chocolate to the perfect Twix candy bar I was after. Is this common with other flavors? Because I have only noticed it with the chocolate and cocoa so far.

I should add that it does say in HIC’s notes on the chocolate and cocoa flavors by FA that sub-ohming isn’t recommended because of this. It is something that got me wondering if it is just the dark flavors or if there are others to watch out for when testing recipes.


I have experienced the same thing mainly within the variations of joules on titanium builds on my SX Mini M Class. It is like just when you thought it tastes great you play around with settings and wham…its better, yet on some juices I go low into the 20j range. My high range is 66 joules @ 500f with titanium build on a darkhorse. If you really want to throw a monkey wrench into everything…grab one of your older tanks/rba or whatever and throw a temp ctrl build in it and check the vape.Just did it with an old plume veil.


Yes, those two don’t like it hot! You can still successfully sub-ohm them, but the temperature has to be lower…

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Lol. I am new to Ti. So I don’t me me any of them thar monkey wrenches :wink:

I noticed similar things with my Sigelei 150w which in non TC. I bought a juice one time that killed my throat. There was hardly any flavor. That was at 40w. So I cranked it to 75w and the flavor was good and the throat hit went away. At 90w the flavor was sublime.

But on TC it’s not quite the same. I am finding I can get different flavors to shine at different settings.

Yup, that is what I found out. At 525° it was like eating raw cocoa powder. At 400 it let the caramel come through. At 350 I am getting the same flavors as my kanthal build, only better. Trying 325 now… nope. Back up to 350 :laughing:

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I just talked about this a few days ago. @Jimk described this as the flavor factor…

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