Diffrent Bavarian Cream

Can anyone tell me the diffrent between Bavarian Craeam and the new DX Bavarian Cream?
And is the smell also diffrent?

DX stands for the fact it is a diketone (Acetoin)-free version of the original Bavarian Cream or other flavor.


And u feel that by smell or mouthfeeling, on whitch way?

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It actually changes the flavor a little bit.

For what little it’s worth, I have both versions of TFA’s Bav.Cream and haven’t noticed much of a difference between them. I’ve been mixing them in though (coffee, blueberry, and a multi-flavor recipe) so not really a fair assessment (from a standalone perspective).

I still have a number of flavors that I have to do standalone testing on, and knowing that creams have to wait extra time had put these further back in the cue than others since I’ve had to mostly rely on stuff that “cures” fast, so I had things to vape while my resources have begun to fall more in sync with my consumption.

Edit 4-25-2017
Since I just got a ‘like’ on this recently, I figure it deserves to be brought up to date.
After doing a TON more single flavor testing, I can say with absolute certainty that there is a very noticeable difference in taste between DX and non-DX flavors (the aforementioned included). Once you know what you’re looking for (taste wise) the nasty (to me!) taste of DX/v2 flavorings jumps out like a neon sign.

I’ve since sworn off of DX and v2 offerings.


Bavarian Cream is sweeter and has the custard notes more rich DX similar cream with custard notes removed.


The DX version to me is a little less creamy and smooth. The original is well think of it like. The difference between Hagan Daas Ice cream and the store brand. HD is over 30% butter fat and sooooooooooooooo creamy. the store brand while having a nice flavor is thinner and less lasting in your mouth.