Digiflavor Pilgrim RDTA...Exploring new territory

Sorry I didnt get back to you sooner…somehow I didnt see these latest comments! I like using the pilgrim in single coil mode and have no issues. I will say that the dual coil flavor is the best Ive got out of this tank but single coils perform great. Ive been using with a single coil for the past few weeks and really enjoy it. The flavor is very nice and crisp, wicking is faster and easier and it drinks less juice, making the tank stretch out a little longer. The flavor with dual coils is better, that’s the truth…but its gonna guzzle juice like there’s no tomorrow! Either way the tank performs well with singles and duals. You wont have any trouble tasting your juice with a single coil though! :wink:

I appreciate that! Usually I’ll watch and read almost every review on something before I buy so I feel good about my purchase. It doesnt work out all the time lol some thing just flat out suck. The pilgrim surprised me a lot. Have you got yours yet? If so, how does it vape for you?

Nope, not yet it should be coming this week though!

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Yup, I did get it last week, and loving it! it is a thirsty little devil though but that’s ok well worth it.


Damn that looks nice! Paired with the g-priv its even better!


I wanted to update this thread since I’ve been using this tank everyday since I got it. Its been over a month and I’ve switched between single and dual coil, back and forth, figuring out which way I liked it best. I gotta go with single coil. Dual coils drink the juice up and I’m constantly refilling. The flavor off a single coil is…better? That’s super subjective but true to me. If I had to explain it in a couple of words I’d say it’s mellow, loud and crisp. That might sound confusing lol but it’s what came to mind :drooling_face: