Digital scale

So i have been using an old pair of digital scales but i just dont trust them when i use them for mixing. can anyone help us out and tell me maybe what one you use,

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I have a secret for scales: buy two or three and save money:

  • 50g x 0.001g
  • 200g x 0.01g
  • Optional: 2kg+ x 0.1g for big batches

For example:

You can reuse them for other things as well, the first one gives me street credit when I weigh food additives in the form of white powders in my kitchen, the second and the third for small batch composites, for example.

If you do a search for this topic there are countless threads already.

One of the most popular scales recommended on ELR and also what I use is the same one @tartarusspawn posted a link to already

Might want to get the one that comes with a wall plug adapter so you would use batteries only in a black out.
re: “Powered by 4 x AA or AC adapter (included)”.

If you’re willing to spring for it, the dedicated precision scales are good:

I’ve had mine for a number of years now without any issues / repairs and it’ll be kicking for a while yet.

That said, a lot of these cheaper suggestions will likely work just as well for 99.99% of cases. I guess I’m just picky :stuck_out_tongue:

the price is a little too high for me

You only really need calibrated scales when you need them to match with another set/other measuring equipment. The rest of the time linearity is more important, you’ll get the same ratio in the final mix. Also, in eliquid I’d say 5% off is fine, 10% still ok.
I’d say any reasonable scales are good enough.

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I use LB-501 as mentioned, but I have a couple of others. The important thing, don’t know if this has been mentioned, is the precision of your scale needs to be 0.01G or better.


Get the miligram scales if you do small batches, they are cheap and the extra digit at the back is quietly reassuring. 1mg up to 50g is my most used one.

Price of the American scale may be lower here:

Large expansion bowl , 500g Capacity. 0.1g Readability

That is the one that is NOT accurate enough for e-liquid IMO, be sure to get the 0.01g readability model!


wonder if thats just a typo as it looks similar

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I was looking at the price only and assuming that the vape site knew what it was recommending. Thanks so much for your sharp eye. What a rip off.


I use something like


These look better though ( up to 500g)

I had seen there are 2 models available for that scale

The buyer has to be aware, I’d for sure check first to make sure the scale we purchase for DIY can read to 0.01g… right?

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How to get fustrated… use scale under ceiling fan even at low speeds. LOL
Was pulling hair out over measurments not stablizing.

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Up until only a couple months ago i was mixing by drops, no scale. Lol! Not the way to go! I knew drops were not reliable because the size of the drops varied from company to company. Especially my vg nic. Im not dissing people that use drops, you can adjust to work with what you have.

Anyways… so finally i saw a cheap pocket size mini scale at diyvaporsupply and decided to try it out. I’ll tell ya, it upped my production by a lot because i feel more confident now that i have precision.

But now i must find the perfect scale because this pocket one only goes up to 200g. Its not a big problem but annoying enough. I want at least 500g or 1000g with .01g accuracy. So, thanks for the thread, i’ll have to check one of these out.