Diketone free recipes


Is it possible to come up with an option to filter diketone free recipes?

Correct me if im wrong but I believe all recipes will be Diketone free in the near future as the flavor manufacturers are being forced to remove it along with Acetoin etc

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Here in the UK:



Does that mean no Custards?

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Capella released a Version2 of their affected flavors with no nastys :slight_smile:


Good deal.

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There’s not currently an option for this, but it has been suggested in the past to be able to filter out recipes that contain warnings. :slight_smile:

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I would suggest you pick up a small size bottle and sample periodically before the V1’s become unavailable.Some of Capellas V2 offerings aren’t bad , some IMO unfortunately are.
At least if you find out early it will help you decide if you need to stockpile before they become unavailable.


“I would suggest you pick up a small size bottle and sample periodically before the V1’s become unavailable.”

The only problem with this is why fall in love with something that you know is likely to be discontinued? I already have that problem frequently enough with food… Don’t need it happening in my vape world too! lol

Also, as a newer mixer, that was the biggest reason why I went straight for the v2 (Cap) and DX the (TFA) lineups where applicable.

I definitely feel for those that have been doing this for years though. I know that sense of loss. But recommending it to new mixers seems almost like a disservice. As, even if they do stock up now… There’s still the same harsh reality that’s going to slap them in the face at some point when they run out (assuming that like myself, they’re in this for the long haul).

If that works for you then run with it! If you read enough posts about Capella’s V2 custard you will find many references to vomit , there is a reason why.
Some people like yourself actually enjoy the V2 and DX offerings.Some I will and some I will not use and you nor the FDA can make me! .:grinning:
IMO it is much better to find out now and start looking for options IF NEEDED, but that’s how I roll.Others prefer the challenge of being under the gun with no options and that is ones choice.
As far as it will be discontinued and you will eventually run out anyway. I am not sure of many things in this world but I am very certain that I will indeed never run out of Capellas V1 custard.
Shits cheap yo!!!:grinning:


LOL. nah, I’d never try and sway nor deny your “guilty pleasure”! Was strictly speaking to the situation as it exists for someone just starting out with mixing.

Yeah, I’m quite familiar with the whole “vomit” description etc… But I consider most of those opinions like everything else. Everyone’s got one, and when it comes to cooking (mixing) there’s usually only one or two opinions that matter: the mouth (lungs) it’s going into, and the one preparing it (if not the consumer).

As far as the whole “diketones” vs “no diketones” race, I don’t have a horse in it. A few of my flavors have A/AP, and most of my coffee based flavors almost certainly do. But either way, I figured it’s still better by far than what we were doing to ourselves before quitting smoking! :wink:

I just simply don’t want to love something and have it be lost in the foreseeable short-term future (6mos-2yrs). Which is the way it appears flavoring is headed. (my coffees OTOH are varied so because I just can’t find the right coffee to clone a local shop’s Wake and Vape yet) =p

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Also apologies to the OP for going off the rails temporarily. (though I’m pretty sure JoJo had your answer covered above)

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More info is always good…I’m just worried that you know we don’t know long term effects though, maybe I’m being too concerned :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ditto! :+1:

I gave up something containing over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing compounds and 400 other toxins, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT.

Diketones FTW! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …I’m good wit’em.


Not a thing wrong with being concerned or cautious! If you look in my flavor stash you will see most of the Diketone free offering from Capellas as well as TPA. I like most started out buying the safest products I could find.Some of the DX and the V2 versions are very good but some aren’t IMO.
I then started researching and concluded that diketones are something that I can live with from the information we have available now.
I think everyone should try the DX and V2 versions first , many people like them and maybe you will as well.
If Caps ever decides to stop making the diketone versions of VC , CDS , and NYC I will be crushed!
Here is one of the better articles on the subject and just like a mini skirt it is long enough to cover the subject yet short enough to keep it interesting!:grinning:

Yup ,my doctor is even happy with my decision to vape and has started asking me questions about products that could possibly help others when the pills don’t seem to help.:grinning:


I would love this feature as well. So many of the recipes have diketones. I’d love to be able to search the highest rated ones without.