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Diketones, Oils, Sugars, GMO – All-in-one page: FA, TPA, FLV, CAP, FW, LB, etc


Thanks, sorry if I sounded short. I just read that and my eye twitched a bit lol. No harm, we are all good.


Walt- even us consumers need to be transparent and open to correction. I appreciate you saying something. I seek always to be fair and accurate. Please see my original comments to see the edit. Blessings be on you and your business. :blush:


THANK YOU very much for your update @Har_d_vape.

  1. Very useful info about WF!
  2. Good point about the amount of D-A-AP. I will rephrase some paragraphs above
  3. You’re right about naturally formed Diacetyl. I will update the info about FLV.
  4. This may be correct to some degree in the US, but many other vendors do sell those flavors anyway + there are several recipes there containing those flavors and also there are no warnings anywhere that those particular flavors are not suitable for vaping. I wish FA would distinguish those flavors more (large notes, different packaging or labels?), to prevent users to be confused what flavors are suitable for vaping and what flavors are not (note: FA does not distinguish their vaping and cooking flavors at all; FA website.

4B. I am aware of those FA testings and i certainly believe that they are one of the most responsible and caring companies (otherwise i wouldn’t use their flavors; about one third of all my flavors are FA; and i also believe that amounts of D/A/AP are low in their flavors). But this thread is about transparency = publicly released information about their DAAP testings. This is very important to make all these info unbiased (i can’t write it down like ‘they told me so and we have to believe them’). When test results are publicly released, then there are some more liabilities and transparency opens a field of testings made by another independent companies one day. When you hide everything, then noone can blame you for anything, right?

In case you missed this link above: List of FA flavors not suitable for vaping (note: keep in mind that all other flavors may contain Acetoin; FA does not give any info about Acetoin testings)

Thanks for your update. Let’s make all these info useful and better together.


Thank you!, And you are welcome. It is also entirely possible that the wording FA uses on the corporate website is a requirement of the local municipality/govt. in response to legislative crackdown. I obviously don’t have the inside track on that. If I have anything else I can offer, I will do so.
Also. Acetoin is completely different than Acetyl Propionyl, I know that, but can you clarify?

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Bookmarked! Thank you for the head’s up!

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Is that actually a list of flavors that are not suitable for vaping or is it just a list of their flavors that contain diacetyl? Because there is a difference.


Good observation @VapeyMama. That link is fixed now. There are all flavors for which FA says ‘’ Not suitable for vaping ‘’. I believe they say this for all their flavors where they haven’t removed Diacetyl / AP yet (all their other flavors are D/AP free).


Aah, gotcha. So its just FlavourArt’s opinion that they’re not suitable for vaping since diacetyl hasn’t actually been proven to be harmful to vape. I’m completely on board with avoiding the oil soluble flavors, but I really don’t think it’s fair to label all flavors that contain diacetyl as “not safe for vaping.” Just my 2 cents.


Disclaimer: I’m not trying to be argumentative, it just rubs me the wrong way when unsubstantiated claims are made. Some of us are very happy with using diketones, and would be very unhappy if these flavors became unavailable due to people/companies/gov’t entities/yada yada saying that they’re dangerous without any kind of actual proof.


awesome post mate :slight_smile:


Update: DEL - Delosi (Nicotine Labs) added

DEL – Delosi (Nicotine Labs) :star: :star: :star:

:blush: None of their flavors have added Diacetyl or artificial coloring.
:blush: Only seven of their flavors contain A/AP (and they say they are in process of removing A/AP from these)
:blush: There is an information about A/AP on their NicotineLabs website…
:rage: … but there is ZERO information about diketones on the official Delosi website
:rage: No testing reports publicly; no info about what their Not Detected (ND) limit was

Find more info at nicotinelabs.com or delosi.com


Well that’s unfortunate.


reading this stuff about FA possibly changing cream whipped to BA instead of DA really hurts me lol so it looks like ill be placing another 500ml at least , FA cream whipped is my Fave cream , i would like to say even though im not a person concerned with what i call " the good stuff " and others call the nasties i think this thread is great for both groups of people for one it helps diketone seekers find what they are looking for and helps the others stay away great job everyone , this was very informative and well thought out unlike my post


Update: Sucralose (SPLENDA) info added. Thx iVapeDIY.

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Update: Molinberry added + main table made nicely

MB – Molinberry :star: :star: :star: :star:

:blush: Full documentation to each flavor supported with testing reports
:blush: All flavors are Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl free
:blush: The industry’s lowest amounts of Acetoin
:blush: No colorants or preservatives and all flavors are GMO free

Find more info above.


Update: FA info updated

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@Mikser great bit of information here here’s hoping that they all get a clue and make vaping a little bit safer for all.


Update: RF

RF - Real Flavors

:blush: No Diacetyl in any of their flavors
:blush: Clear info about diketones provided on their website
:blush: @Walt_RealFlavors available on this forum; very handy to have a support on a forum

More info above.

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I’m pretty sure most people get more nasty stuff into their bodies by eating a bowl or at least a box of cereals than you get into your system in a lifetime by vaping flavors that contain Diketones.

In my mind the hysteria around this is getting overboard and when a few demand that the flavor companies make all their flavors free of Diketones i think it starts to get on the ridiculous side of things.

Instead of demanding that all flavors containing Diketones be gone you could demand that the flavor companies develop Diketone free flavors for you and leave the originals alone for those that appreciate the flavor Diketones add to a mix.

I feel that a small group of people shouldn’t decide for the DIY as a whole. We got enough of that kind of dictatorship in the world already.