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Diketones, Oils, Sugars, GMO – All-in-one page: FA, TPA, FLV, CAP, FW, LB, etc


Wow! That was a lot of work.

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Well, there was a nagging hunch before, but you have now removed all doubt in my opinion.

At least you admit why you hit up two of the foremost, and prominently visible forums in the vaping community with your agenda.

I won’t continue.


me too - I have no interest


I think a lot of people will take that action to avoid seeing what goes on in this thread.


Update: Creme de Vape + some updates, new neutral icon added

CdV - Creme de Vape

:blush: Very transparent information about ingredients in their flavorings, including possible allergens!
:no_mouth: NO Diacetyl and NO Acetyl Propionyl in any of their flavorings
:rage: Information about Acetoin levels is provided in range and not exact numbers
:rage: Caramel flavor contains Corn Syrup

More info above.

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Creme de vape?? Are these original manufactured flavors? Or one shots? Or rebottled rebranded?

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hey guys not to be a party pooper but im not sure what @Mikser true intentions are, but have you gone back to the beginning of the thread and looked at some of his revisions? maybe i’m being paranoid but it seams slightly off to me.

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Been absent for a while, but I love this thread :drooling_face:


i really thought you would come over to the dark side lol

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Daap makes your weewee fall off. Lol.


Glad I don’t have to worry about that!

:thinking: Maybe I should change the name of Naughty Girl to “Lorena Bobbitt”…



DV – Decadent Vapours

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Update: GMO + Main table update

Links MB, FA, MF.

Note: i added “Kosher” in the table because it is less likely that flavors contain GMOs compared to when companies say nothing at all. It is also more likely that they use palm oil instead of soybean oil for VG (94% of soy is genetically modified in the USA).

“Kosher” does not mean non-GMO.
“Organic” can still contain a small amount of GMO.
“All Natural” doesn’t mean anything at all.
Good article here.

Currently, 64 countries around the world require labeling of genetically modified foods. Link

Results of eight U.S. polls show that 89-96% Americans believe GMO foods should be labelled accordingly (NYT, MSNBC, Washington Post, etc). Link

I hope more companies will join this GMO-FREE list soon. Not because the law says so, but because the large majority of their customers would wish that. It can be a good marketing advantage.



  • Kai’s Virgin Vapor
  • Mom and Pop’s
  • The first company with all flavors D-A-AP free - Find it above
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  • One Stop DIY (OSDIY) added
  • Flavors Express (FE) added
  • Main table updated

Note: Decadent Vapours (DV) removed their lab reports from their website during the last week, and thus they dropped below in the transparency table. I assume they are preparing new transparent information about DAAP levels in their flavors for their customers.

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  • CC - Chef’s Choice
  • CCW - CupCake World
  • A_ - a company that regularly performs toxicological analysis that go far beyond standard testing - find it above
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  • EF - Euro Flavor
  • BF - Baker Flavors
  • VZ - Vaping Zone
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I am loving the information you have been consolidating here! Just wanted to let you know, in purchasing some new flavors recently from NicVape, I found out that they are completely diketone free. Unusure about GMOs but I did not see them on your table and figured it would be noteworthy. If you have already added this but I missed it, then oops.

"NicVape decided to reformulate all of their products, and go “diacetyl acetyl propionyl-free ” using GMP certified sources with flavorings that are independently certified. "

No mention of acetoin but it is something at least.


Thx Pentine! I will include NicVape in my next update.



  • NV - NicVape
  • xxx - The most transparent company - find it above (you would never guess this one)
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