Diluent substitute other than DW and Vodka

Hi, am kinda new in DIY e juice… My question might be abit stupid but does anyone had tried a substitute diluent like Whiskey, Rum or Brandy instead of Vodka and DW?

No question is stupid except the one unasked :slight_smile: I use sterile saline.


Vodka is basically just diluted PGA and is recommended because it doesn’t have any color or sugar (natural or otherwise). I’d suggest avoiding any alcohols that do if for no other reason then it will gunk up your coils faster. White rum might be okay, but I would stay away from spiced or dark rum. The general consensus is coloring and sugar are bad. Worse than the other “baddies?” Who knows. This is all a guessing game until we get solid studies done on the effects of inhaling xyz [insert anything here]. LoL. If you’re looking for flavor, I’d go with a GRAS (for ingestion) food flavor instead. If you are looking for a thinner, I’d stick with PGA, DW, or like MysticRose suggested, saline.

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I see what you did there… :upside_down:

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Well, vodka is a classy drink (not to be confused with well vodka, which is not classy, nope).

PGA is what I use to degrease my wire before wrapping a coil.

So even though I was being silly, I kinda meant it.

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