Diluting 50/50 PG VG with VG

Ok so like many others before me I am sensitive to PG so I buy a 30 ml of my Fancy Creme Brulee Recipe at 24 mg Nicotine before I Steep it I take it and split it in half into 2 30 ML bottles and then fill it the rest of the way with 100% Kosher VG cut with Distilled water to maintain Consistency. What I am curious to know as I made my own shaker for the fluid and before I cut it into the 2 bottles 15 ml in each I shake it vigorously for 10 min in 2.5 min increments stopping to heat it in 105F water the first time and 110F the last 3 times dunno if the extra 5*F makes any different but couldn’t find any straight answers on that part of steeping it. after its been vigorously Shaken I then split it. What I am curious to know is that since I am splitting the Fluid is it in turn cutting the nicotine down to 12 MG as it seems weak to me or does it during the steeping process maintain the 24 MG across the board even with it being split in half and cut down by my figures by cutting it like that it should produce roughly a 75% VG/ 25% PG formula.

Please let me know which it does weather it cuts it to 12 Mg nicotine or if it still stays 24 mg nicotine by way of steeping for 7 days.

A side note after cutting it I again shake it vigorously and I have the flavor base figured to cut it this way so the flavor is not affected when I split it if I didn’t split it it would be a really strong flavor I tried it went from fancy Creme Brulee to Dudsy Brulee.


I’m certain that you did reduce your nic level to 12mg. Are you adding enough flavor for 60 ml or 30 ml? Too much DW will weaken flavors and 7 day steep may not be sufficient. If all else fails you can increase you flavor percentage.

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Agree thru and thru w/ New drip. If you cut nicotine it needs to be the exact 30 for 30 you diluted with 30 and as long as you keep this ratio then it will be in half. There is another calculator online for diluting nicotine with other ratios meaning you want to mix a 24 mg w/ a different ratio other than 24 say 52 it will tell you exactly what you need to put in the mix pg VG and what the new batch will come out to mg wise. This is why for being exact mKes it precise.

Ecigvape.com is the site if you’re ever unsure about diluting and no one has gotten back with. Don’t mix without knowing just be safe.

Lately I’m finding less and less time to get back to my Distilled water project, however, what I have learned so far is that I do not recommend any more than 5% DW. Also, at least a 2 week steep seems to do the trick for the flavor to recoop from adding the DW…

DJ, sorry if this is a dumb question, maybe I’m missing something, BUT, you are saying you are buying a 30ml of, and I quote “MY Fancy Creme Brulee RECIPE”. If this is YOUR RECIPE, why can you not blend the juice the way you want it (with less PG and the nic the strength you want) and then steep. Are you paying someone else to blend it for you and they will not blend anything other than 50/50? I’m quite confused here…

I caught onto that one myself but got wrapped up in the diluting question.
Imma mix my own until the day " they " pry my Nic VG and pg out of my hands.

And I got a freezer so they better not look in there !

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Your 24mg is more accurately described as 24mg per ml
When you double the volume with VG that contains no nicotine
You will now have a liquid that is 12mg per ml no amount of steeping will change that.
If you bought a 24mg Nicotine base (Obviously VG) and added this instead of plain VG
the nicotine level of the “cut” liquid would remain at 24mg

OK, I was wondering if this is what DJ was trying to say. It’s a bitch to get our point across sometimes. If this is indeed the case that DJ bought 24mg nic base then the best conceivable nic strength is a 80/20 blend which is completely 24mg nic vg. This would be 19.2 mg nic strength blend. Bad thing, if DJ is not running subohm then I see dry hits in the future. Solution of course is to buy 36mg nic base or higher and a 70/30 blend or even a 70% VG, 20% PG Flavor, 5% distilled water, 5% PG like @Amy2 and myself are playing with being DJ is having problem with PG. If Dj uses aspire tanks then it’s possible to do away with the added straight PG and up the VG to 75% This type juice WILL REQUIRE a good steeping…

He says split and add 100% Kosher VG and Distilled water. No other mention of adding nic. He hasn’t replied back though.

It sounds like he took a simple process and over complicated it. All he need is to make a max vg mix with 5% DW and no nic… combine the two leaving him with a 12mg Nic mix… shake and steep a couple weeks.

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thanks all I kinda figured that was the case but wanted to make sure before I dumped in more Nicotine and ended up ODing on Nicotine as I am a heavy Vaper.

and sorry took me a while to get back to you on your replies my net was down took this long to get it fixed comcast was not wanting to run a new wire after I paid them to run service out to my country residence in the first place a storm put a tree across the wire they should have burried it.