Diluting Flavors?

I received some (TFA) flavors from wizard and bull city. Do I need to dilute flavors with pg before mixing? For example: If a recipe calls for 1.2g of strawberry, do I put in 1.2g straight out if the bottle? Made a couple recipes and the flavor is way off, even after a 4hour crockpot and a week of steeping. Specifically dragons blood and apple fritter. Which are all fruit flavors and shouldn’t need over a week of steeping. Especially after a crockpot bath. Also, I mix by weight using a very nice digital scale, and using high quality vg/pg/nic from nude nicotine. Flavors are just really dull compared to the cheap juice I’m getting from my local b&m. They are incredibly smooth though. Using a troll rda and herakles tank. Any advice to a noob would be appreciated.

@Vapesofanarchy; Typically, yes, you’d add (undiluted) flavoring straight into your mix. There are a few cases where diluting is best before adding to a mix, such as a tobacco absolute. It would also help if I could see the recipes on which you are currently working. You’d need to make the recipes public and perhaps copy and paste links into a post. I need to see the percentage of flavor in the mix to tell what’s going on.

Go to recipes, sort by rating. I did the highest rated recipe tigers blood. I did not alter the recipe in any way. The juice smells amazing. It tastes nothing like it smells unfortunately.

Gotta let it steep some recipes will have a steep time in the comments below

I’m still a noob here,but one thing I have noticed is that the brand of flavoring makes a huge difference! This may not be the case with your tigers blood recipe because it was originally all TPA flavors. On the reference page there is a place with a spread sheet for each vendor of flavors, each flavor is listed along with a percentage suggestion,if you are adapting your recipes you may want to have a good look at that.

how are you mixing your juices?i go pg,vg 30 seconds in the microwave flavor,then sweetener shaking or mixing with a drill and a coffee straw cut twice and fanned out before adding nicotine.the heat gives the vg more viscosity for a better blend.

@hairbag seems like our methods are similiar.

6% Tiger’s Blood

Nicotine juice 100 mg (100% VG)1.82.276
PG dilutant 3.15 3.27 10.5
VG dilutant 19.2 24.22 64
Coconut (TPA) 0.45 0.46 1.5
Strawberry (TPA) 3.6 3.6 12
Watermelon (TPA) 1.8 1.87 6
Totals 30 35.69 100

Strength: 6mg/ml

PG/VG: 30/70

Flavor total: 5.9 ml (19.5%)

I did not alter recipe in any way. I measure with a digital scale, then mix with a milk frother until it is a foam. I sit it in a crock pot for 4 hours at 150 degrees, I hit it with the milk frother one more time, then sit it in a drawer for a week. Some people are saying its a shake and vape in the comments. I figured a week was more than enough, considering its all fruit flavors. It smells amazing though. I though maybe the flavor was a little high, especially the strawberry, so i just made a smaller batch and cut the flavor percentages in half and replaced with VG. After the crock pot bath, put it on my troll rda and was just barely a hint of flavor, definately not enough.

A have you tried it in a tank?Maybe this flavor just doesn’t like to be dripped.I’ve found this out with some of my mixes. And it works both ways.Just a thought.

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