Diluting Inawera Concentrated Flavors

All Flavours are made in Poland by Inawera .

You can use this high quality flavour to make your own e-liquid . It is recommended to mix it with Inawera no flavour bases .

One advantage would be that you will save some money in this way .

All our flavours have been especially selected for vaping.

All ingredients have been laboratory tested and certified.

Our bottles are resistant to all kinds of agressive liquids.

We recommend to add 4-5 drops of flavour to 10 ml of base . If the new mixture is not strong enough add 1-2 more drops of E-Flavour .

We also recommend to leave the mixture 24 hours , to give time to the base to fully absorb de E-flavour .


I think this info from the vendor is way off (too low). I’d be doing about 25 drops of flavoring to 10ml. But, I can see how it’s better to go light on the flavoring at first, as to not overdose the mix. This is why, when I do flavor testing, I only do 2ml at the sitting. Usually, 5 drops in a 2ml mix weighs out to a (0.10g) 5% stand alone mix.

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