Diluting nicotine to eliminate one ingredient for mixing

Hehe thanks brother!

I’m just coming off of a 56 hour shift so I’m lucky I even knew how to type the word nectinne…I mean nickoteen…grrr NICOTINE!! lol


For more accuracy… if you mix a wide variation of flavor ratios, you can make more than one nic base (8-12-16% flavor) and use whichever is closer to your flavor %.

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Yes or maybe look at your history as far as total flavor %s and then come out with an average and calculate your base accordingly?
For me being a max VG guy it is simple and I can pretty much tell where my nicotine is at by just the flavoring %s alone. If you are doing a PG/VG blend and say you want your final product to contain 30% PG and your average flavor % is 10%, then make a base that has 20%pg and 80% vg giving you a final of 30/70. I’m not sure if I am right or wrong here, since I am going cross-eyed looking at the screen haha

Either way it will never be precise if you make bases.

Adding a fake flavor % accounts for pg %. Max vg is easier tho.

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@Pro_Vapes do you have you premade 30/70 equation handy? I am thinking of making some and I don’t have my lab calculator handy at the moment.

For my max VG base I just do 480ml of VG to 20ml nicotine(vg) and I get a 4mg nic base.

My brain hurts to much trying to figure out the math on paper using 100% VG nicotine hehe (assuming your nicotine is vg based and something tells me it’s not)

I could easily wait until I get home and have everything handy, I am just curious

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Tweak your nic and fake flavor % and amount to make…


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Ah I see what you mean, thanks brother!

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What I did is make a chart for the flavors I make in bulk listing the nic and VG from 1mg to 12mg. Now I mix the flavors, PG and VG at 12mg leaving out the nic. Because my nic is VG based when I make up a bottle at 12mg all I have to do is add the nic. If I make a bottle in lets say in a 6mg, I know exactly how much nic and additional VG to add. Most of the flavors I make are a specific PG/VG ratio. If they need something different I make it from scratch, but 80% or so take it as is.:thumbsup:

Interesting. Do you often change your own nic level? Or do you mix for friends? I only vape 3mg now.

I have changed over time, started at 12mg now at 6mg. I try to drop 1mg every 2-3 months. I also mix for family and friends.