Diluting nicotine

I’m just wondering if there’s an easy way to dilute nicotine down before mixing it into a recipe. this is the only part of dyi I’m not liking.
It really freaks me out for some reason so I want to be able to dilute the nicotine into about 3/4 of a litre of pg so I don’t have to deal with the pure nicotine for awhile.

I buy 250 ML of 36 MG bottles of premixed VG with Nicotine and keep cutting it in half with VG until I get to 2 MG. Easy Peasy.


Sure. I dilute my nic down to 24mg usually. What is your nic strength and PG/VG ratio, and what would you like it to be? I use the scale. I typically buy 100% PG and dilute it down to 24mg so if it starts at 48 I add about 1/2 the bottle I’m pouring into, then tare the scale and do the same weight of PG.

C1 * V1 = C2 * V2 where C1 is your starting concentration, V1 is the volume of your starting concentration to use (what you’re trying to figure out), C2 is the final concentration you want, and V2 is the final volume you want. So say I start with 100mg base and I want 120ml of 24mg base. I’d do (120 * 24) / 100 = 28.8 ml of 100mg base and the rest (91.2ml) PG.

Alternatively, use the ELR calculator, just don’t put any flavor in. It will tell you down at the bottom what you need. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m thinking I want it down to 18mg so I can mix at 6mg. I buy the nicotine at 54mg. All the maths is confusing me lol. Only getting 2hrs sleep with my little one teething so struggling to work it out.
But if I was going to start off using a 50ml bottle,with the calculator would I just put in 50ml, nicotine strength I want (18mg) then the strength my nicotine is.
Sorry this is probably more simple then I’m thinking it is lol

500ml sorry not 50

Yup. Just like making a recipe only without the flavor. Put in the size you want, what your nic is and your base, and what you want your strength and base to be. You could even save it as something like “Nic Dilution” so you have it forever. Edit it when you need to change something.


K cool, thanx lol not as complex as my head was thinking.

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Here’s my “Dumb Maureenie Chart”

Start With:

20 ML of 36 MG

Add 20 ML of VG and I’m at 18 MG

Add 40 ML of VG and I’m at 9 MG

Add 80 ML of VG and I’m at 4.5 MG

Add 160 ML of VG and I’m at 2.25 MG

I end up with 320 ML of 2.25 MG Nicotine for mixing and it didn’t cost me very much.

When I add flavorings, I’m close to 2MG Vape and that’s good enough for me! I also know it’s safe. I have to shake the %$#&^% out of it so there’s no hot spots but I use protein shake mixers. Those cost $5.00.

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I just mixed it up using the calculator. Feel more at ease with it sat in the cupboard now. will probably shake it up every day and leave it for a month to mix, Id only done 4 dyi mixes with the 54mg and then it’s just sat in the cupboard for ages doing nothing because I didn’t like touching it. I’m clumsy so felt like I’d end up spilling it at one point or another. At least if I do now it wouldn’t be as bad, mixed it at 12mg instead of 18mg

That is exactly what I do to get my 100mg base (which lives in the freezer) diluted to 15mg (which lives on my mixing shelf). I’m not really comfortable handling 100mg without what I believe is proper gear, but 15mg doesn’t scare me at all. So this way I only have to “suit up” a few times a year.


My mixed VG even with only 2 MG nic in them have skulls and the word POISON large text written on them. When I started mixing I made the decision I wasn’t going to handle anything above 36mg but I am a big chicken :slight_smile:

You really don’t have to let it sit for a month. If you are using PG it will be thin enough to shake the nic in there pretty easily. I always shake my nic mix bottle it before I start mixing with flavorings. I usually make about 700 ML when I make my nic base… unless you are working with gallons of it or something - that’s hard to shake lol.

I’m glad I’m not the only one it scares lol, @Maureeenie your not a chicken. Unless I am too. I mixed it with vg too. I realised if I just mixed it with pg I’d be using too much pg. a month is probably to long though lol

Oh no, I am a chicken :poultry_leg: …at the end of the day it’s rat poison and just because we are addicted to it - it doesn’t make it any less deadly :slight_smile:

Nyaaaaa…that’s ok…I will just let ECX mail me 36mg liquid lol

@Lou3, you make it sounds as though you are afraid of the nicotine. Most of us buy 100mg nicotine. Though I do not recommend getting it on you I think I can speak for most of us when I say accidents happen. Probably the majority of us have gotten some 100mg nic on us. It will not burn a hole in your body, it will not ignite and burn, nor will it give you a LSD trip. If you get some on you just calmly get up and go to a sink and rinse it off. If you get it on your clothing then you might want to move a little faster since it takes time to remove the clothing and then rinse off. Just hate to see you be afraid of nicotine. It’s actually not the devil’s potion we’re working with. Calm and careful use with gloves works for most of us. Hated to see you feel afraid of it so I had to add my 2 cents. Happy blending…


I’m glad some people feel comfortable with it, that’s great for u. I have my reasons for been uncomfortable with it. Partly to do with having a 1year old, the only place I can make my ejuice is at home so even though she can’t get to any of it I feel better knowing its diluted down. Plus it makes it easier for me because it’s quicker this way. My plan is to just put it into different bottles so they are ready for when I want to add flavours to them.
I have other reasons for not liking nicotine that I’m not going to go into but My plan is to try cut it out completely anyway

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Understandable, I now understand the fear. It’s been a very long time since there were children in my home and quite frankly it did not cross my mind till you mentioned it. Keep them safe fella…

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I also respect the bravery but I get the kid thing. I have a naughty dog who will pull food off a counter when we leave the house. My daughter and husband were actually concerned enough to buy a small locking fridge for the garage to store the stuff in. They even mixed in the garage because of my grandson. (But they were making a lot of it) I am only making it for myself and even though I have the protective eye wear and gloves, it’s a hassle. I like pulling my stuff out and mixing when I have a “hankering” to play with a new recipe. At 36mg if I get it on my hands or spill it on the table I don’t have to worry very much about that surface getting contaminated or it getting transferred on to a dish or cup or something. I could not live with myself if I accidentally poisoned someone.

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Guess my situation is different from most. I have a home office where all things blending related are stored. There’s a fridge for the nicotine, and as I have posted in the past all my flavors are stored in cases mounted on a wall. Nicotine is only in my home while I am actually doing blending. There are no children luckily but I do have one cat I have to keep my eye on. She kinda knows better than to get on the table but watch out for her none the less. They wife knows better than to mess around near me when blending as well. I couldn’t imagine trying to blend with children around, I feel for those who do. Not only because of their safety, but also I could see where interuptions or commotion could lead to mistakes on the blenders part. Over nic your blend accidently could be dangerous as well, Mistakes would be too easy so I really feel for you guys with children…


Take your desired strength like 6 mg and divide it by the nic strength you have like 54 so take 6/54 which equals .11 then multiply by the number that you’re trying to make. So in 500 ml multiply .11 by 500 which is 55 milliliters of 54 strength nic in 500 mls.