Diluting overflavored liquid

Hi everyone, I decided to try mixing my own liquids, bought a 120ml 70/30 6mg base and two 10ml bottles of concentrate - Vampire Vape Heisenberg and Pinkman. I put 40ml of the base in a 60ml bottle and added 10ml of the concentrate, the VV website said the best percentegage is 15-20%, so i went with the highest percentage. Guess that was a mistake, because Heisenberg tastes like listerine/anisseed, there are no fruit flavors whatsoever, the taste is overpowering. Pinkman on the other hand has almost no taste at all, like a weak flowery tea taste, it’s supposed to be a strong citrus flavor. My question is - if I add more of the base to the mixes, is it possible to get the right flavors out of them? FYI - I let the liquids steep for a few days in a drawer. Thanks in advance.


Welcome to ELR @Shtotakoy. Because you have such a limited amount of base, AND the NIC is already IN the base it will complicate things a bit.

If you had plain PG/VG, you could simply off-load some of your BIG batches into small 10ml bottles, and add JUST PG or VG to dilute and test. You CAN do the same with your PG/VG/NIC, but obviously it will raise the NIC levels somewhat.

I don’t know either of those two one shots, so I don’t know how strong they are, but they sound over flavored by your description. Diluting them, MAY be your best shot.


I concur with that, I dumped the 60 ml I bought…I just couldn’t vape that. Diluting it may be ok but it’s still going to taste like blue mouthwash.


Welcome and very glad you joined.


Thanks, i have added another 20ml of the base to Heisenberg and it is still extremely overpowering. I bought another bottle of the base with nic, so i’ll try dilluting it further in a small amount. Nicotine strenght doesn’t really concern me, as it still won’t be above 6mg, which is how i like my liquids.

They smell great, but taste like crap, so i’m hoping dilution will work, really don’t want to dump so much ejuice…


First off dont buy premixed base. Just buy everything seperate. Less hassle and easiewr to work with


@Shtotakoy are you able to purchase separate NIC, PG, and VG ?


Yeah, sometimes mixes are just bad. Overflavored can easily be fixed by diluting it. I would strongly suggest getting some small 10ml bottles, so as you experiment, and test, if you DO have to toss it out, you’re wasting far less product.


I definitely can, but I was under the impression that it would be easier to just buy a premixed base and add the flavors to it. Since most flavors are PG and you only need to add a small amount, it doesn’t make much of a difference in the overall VG/PG ratio, I’m not a purist in that regard, 70/30 and 60/40 is fine by me.

I’ll wait for the premixed base to arrive, give diluting a try and if that doesn’t work will cut my losses and buy everything seperate after the paycheck :grinning:


Well in a perfect world it WOULD be. The problem is, pre-mixed vg/pg, and/or vg/pg/nic is you are completely LIMITED in what you can do. EVERY add, will add all three, and having individual components, allows you COMPLETE control over what you do.