Diluting vanillin

Hi I was thinking of attempting to dilute vanillin crystals today I believe it’s 1/4 tsp to 10mls of warmed up pg. Can I use VG ? I did see somewhere someone said something about it but didn’t say how it turned out and pros/ cons on it. Any advice ? TIA

Vanillin or Ethyl Vanillin? I’d use Ethyl Vanillin - It is dissolved in warm PG in the same ratio as Ethyl Maltol: 10% :smile:

EDIT: The reason I’d use Ethyl Vanillin over Vanillin, is that the Ethyl-variant has a stronger vanilla note, but also the Vanillin is an aldehyde, which makes me nervous.

10% should dissolve in VG, but it might be harder… Gently heat the liquid in the microwave, 3 second bursts until it feels warm - then shake - repeat as necessary :smile:

Ethyl vanillin.

I’m hoping to not use a lot of it since yes it is a custard an has properties that may seem questionable I am leery and have had it sitting around I want to perfec’t the unicorn milk recipe and I think this is the missing ingredient the one I made is darn close thou. So vg should be ok ?

Reply from FlavourArt. (Found on another forum)

We tend to advise to add 10% vanillin crystals to
some VG and then add this to the eliquid you are making to impart some
sweetness. If you have never tried before start with small samples
to test as this will help with wasting the crystals. If you find 10%
too sweet then you can reduce/increase to your taste.

So, according to Flavour Art, in VG, Yes

Now the big question should you use it or not ? That’s sounds like something that would be a good new topic for the forum…

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I know right ?? Iggh? Idk Daath and I were just talking about the questionable ingredients ?

Thank you both 4 ur advice. I should call a pharmacist lol !!! Hey any chemists on here ??

Hi daath; Feel like it might be a good idea to start a topic such “dangers of vapeing this” or “pros and cons of vapeing that” or “Your concerns with vapping this”. Something to make people aware of the possible dangers of vapeing certain things. What do you think? I say go for it!

My Vanallin is arriving tomorrow but I found this post about it elsewhere a while back which is an interesting read:

We made two 10% solutions (one with VG/PGA and one with straight VG) using 1 gram of crystals & 9ml of fluid, and then made samples with that at .5%, 1%, 2.5%, 5%, 7.5% & 10%.

After about a week of steeping, we tested them. The most intense flavor did not come from the 7.5% & 10% samples; the flavor was most intense from 2.5% & 5% vials…and we couldn’t discern much of a difference between those two. We still didn’t have our head around the whole “less can be more and more can be less” for vaping flavors/chemicals, so we tested them again a few days later to be sure our taste-buddies weren’t hallucinating…still the same. (no mistakes on the bottle labeling - the color intensity matched the percentages).

So, for those that don’t already know…there are many ‘vaping flavors’ & chemical additives that actually lose or change their flavor (and/or cause other flavors to be ‘less’ or changed) when used in large amounts. This is definitely counter-intuitive…but “more” does not always equal “more” when DIYing.


Thanks Paul

I feel like that would be totally helpful. I did look around at vanillin and it is what is typically used when you see artificial vanilla flavoring. Makes me wonder how many of the flavorings we use often have vanillin as their base when making a vanilla flavor Bc I can remember TPA/ TFA having an artificial flavoring listed Hmm.

No problem at all :smile:

I will come back and post once I have some mixed up tomorrow!

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The more I read about vanillin it is in so many " vanilla " flavors Bc it’s cheap to chemically make. Hmm scary shit about the chemical make up of it and what it can do to your lungs in inhalation I’m courious if anyone know for sure if it is in our flavor concentrates we use often. It does say artificial flavoring in a lot of my vanillas creepy. So I don’t think I will be using this.

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From what they say it’s in all our vanillas due to the cost of real vanilla extract. They say it is more harmful with heat. One person made the point “Vanilla Cookies are baked at around 400 degrees, what is happening to the vanillin in the oven”. Luckily Vanilla is not my thing to vape. but think of all the food and vape recipes it is in. Blows your mind if there is really something to this.

That is what I’ve read as well. I don’t primarily vape vanilla but like you were saying how often is it in other things we are vaping. Does blow your mind !

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So, results:

I made a 10% solution with PG and used it in my Raspberry custard from here: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/100970/Raspberry+Custard

Not bad at all but needed a couple of drops of sweetener per 10ml. Time will tell if this gets tastier! :smile:

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Vanillin is a very useful additive in DIY. I use it in a lot of things with great success and I believe that’s because it has a unique taste that’s often time the “missing” or hard to find “vanilla” flavor you may have been looking for…
I went through over. A half dozen different vanilla flavors and wasn’t able to get what I wanted until I used Vanillin…
IMHO I wouldn’t be too skeptical or worried about it cause from what experience I’ve had with it, I can’t say I’ve seen anything that would concern me all that much…
Mix it @ 10% in PG or you can buy it pre mixed as well… You’ll have tough time getting it past. 5% with a VG base… It can be done but I think the sweetness of the VG gives it a different Character… Lastly it can be mixed at 15% using ethyl Alcohol too…
It’s worth a try… But that is just my 2 cents…