Disaster Strikes

The hurricane named wifey just managed to dump my shelf of mods. I had them all neatly in a row
Xcube 2, Hpriv, Tesla 120, Disguiser, Treebox, and my block with 6 tanks in it. I’ve got three broken tanks both wooden mods are cracked and have loose 510 fittings I think the battery cover for the Hpriv is in Oklahoma somewhere, I haven’t found it yet. I had to take a break and vape on her mod for while.

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Bummer man, that totally suck. Hope they are still usable. :cry:


Bad day for you, worse day for your gear :disappointed:

Thankfully Black Friday is upon us.


So when’s the divorce finalized? :joy:

(I’m kidding of course! A wild night of makeup sex would suffice.)

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Yeah get to buy property taxes for Black Friday this year Woo hoo.
Just so ecstatic I can barely stand it. No vape gear or stuffs for me on BF this year.

I don’t know what California Was thinking. Well yeah I do they know everybody will be broke by January. so they set the first payment up in December and the second in March just as you recover from Christmas.

Well, don’t be too hard on her … dammit that sucks! Is it enough of a loss to call the insurance company? I have a new puppy coming soon and I’ve got bad habits leaving these mods on coffee tables and stuff where little puppers might get them. I have to change my ways.