(DISCOUNT) NicVape gave me a code to share

After my last post about how little people use NicVape’s E-Flavors, NicVape contacted me and gave us a code, for ELR users, to get 25% of their E-flavors, which can be combined with their current deal, of 25% off four 60mL bottles of E-flavor or 25% off five 15mL (pick your own flavors). Basically, you can try their flavors for 1/2 the price right now! IMO, they are good flavors.
The code is rckchik and is good until 5/31, but the discount for the combo packs only lasts until 5/28. :smiley:
If you have been interested in trying some new flavors, now is as good a time as any!

Post if you take advantage of the deal… Just curious to see how many people try it.

PS I am not affiliated with NicVape, I just like their stuff. LOL


There’s a vendors section on ELR too. Send @daath a message and he’ll sort that out for you :thumbsup:


Thanks, but I am not a vendor… Just sharing the code from the other thread. :smiley: Is that allowed?

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Yeah I’m sure it is,I’d posted my message before you added your post scriptum. Post it in the ‘good deals 2017’ thread too.


K, thanks. :smiley:

They have posted about it themselves in your previous topic :grinning: